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Red Rock Sounds Plugins Collection cracked

VST3 / VST2| 48.5 MB

The pack includes:
RRS uniQ VST v1.0.3
RRS Bass Enhancer VST v1.0.3
RRS BQ-A VST v2.0.3
RRS Comp 609 VST v2.0.3
RRS EQP-1A VST v1.0.1

▬ RRS uniQ VST v1.0.3

Create a legend with your own hands. Combine the filters of the legendary EQs as you want, build analog saturation, get the original unique sound using uniQ.

• AQ560 — All Bands (Peak);
•AQ550 — LF (Shelf), LF (Peak), MF (Peak), HF (Shelf), HF (Peak);
•AQ550b — LF (Shelf), LF (Peak), LMF (Peak), HMF (Peak), HF (Shelf), HF (Peak);
• BQ-A — LF (Shelf), LMF (Peak), HMF (Peak), HF (Shelf);
• BQ-73 — LF (Shelf), MF (Peak), HF (Shelf);
• BQ-80B — LF (Shelf), LMF (Peak), HMF (Peak), HF (Shelf);
• AQP-1A — LF (Boost, Atten), HF (Boost, Atten);
• AQ3D — All Bands (Shelf, Peak), Air (Shelf).

• AQ550 BPF;
• BQ-A HPF (25, 50, 100 Hz), LPF (9, 12, 15 kHz);
• BQ-73 HPF (50, 80, 160, 300 Hz);
• BQ-80b HPF 50Hz;
• Analog Emulation Filters HPF (10, 23, 25 Hz), LPF;

Saturator panel has 5 saturation types and two mixed modes («Blocks» and «Blocks + Analog Noise»). Mixed modes «Blocks» and «Blocks + Analog Noise» allow you to mix different saturation types in 5 blocks, thus getting unique saturation in output.

- 30 filters of legendary equalizers;
- 5 filter modules with independent Stereo/Mid/Side modes;
- 21 additional filters;
- 5 types of saturation with the possibility of mixing;
- 3 types of graphical interface with scalability.

- Double click — reset to default value;
- Shift — reduce knob/fader sensitivity.

▬ RRS Bass Enhancer VST v1.0.3
Does your bass sound dull and lifeless? Red Rock Sound Bass Enhancer will be your choice to correct this deficiency.

Bass Enhancer uses psycho-acoustics to calculate precise harmonics. When these harmonics are combined with the original ones, it creates the effect of lower, deeper frequencies.

Bass Enhancer is used to accurately target and accentuate low frequency material: from vocals to bass guitar and drums — adding both heft and precision.

• On switch — allows the user to bypass the Bass Enhancer for before/after comparisons;
• Input — control knob for the Level of the input signal;
• In meter — lets You monitor the output level before Bass Enhancer processing;
• Phase — button to invert the phase of the input signal;
• HP Filter — removes Low Frequencies from the generated Harmonics signal. Enable or Disable a HP-filtering mode with the «FILTER IN» button;
• Drive — this knob controls the amount of generated Harmonics;
• Timbre — sets the balance between Odd and Even Harmonics;
• Freq — this knob simply controls where the process begins in frequency domain (for example, with a setting of 85 Hz, all frequencies below 85 Hz will have Harmonics generated by the system);
• Listen — mute the Mix signal and Listen to the Bass signal created by Bass Enhancer;
• Mix — sets the amount of Bass Enhancer enhancement added to the original signal;
• HL meter — the Level meter for the Harmonics that are created;
• Out meter — lets You monitor the output level after Bass Enhancer processing;
• Output — control knob for the Level of the output signal;
• Undo/Redo;
• A/B mode;
• 2x/4x/8x Upsampling with High Quality (HQ) option.

▬ RRS BQ-A VST v2.0.3
The BQ-A based on Classic British EQ from the ’70s. With a surprisingly wide range of tonal variations, the BQ-A is an invaluable and professional audio tool with great flexibility and excellent sonic ability.

The main of the EQ section allows four frequencies at any one time, switchable to one of four frequencies: Low Filter (Shelf): 50, 80, 100, 150 Hz; Low-Mid Filter (Bell): 250, 500, 1k, 2k Hz; High-Mid Filter (Bell): 3k, 5k, 7k, 9k Hz; High Filter (Shelf): 8k, 10k, 12k, 15k Hz.

A series of three high pass filters at 18 dB per octave and three low pass filters at 12 dB per octave are arranged at the ends of the EQ section. They are unique in that the switches can be pushed in simultaneously, offering distinct cut filter combinations with unusual filter curves.

The BQ-A extends the features of the original hardware and joins the flexibility of the digital world to the character of the analog processing. Allows you to choose between equalizer modes (Stereo, Mid, Side) and remove analogue saturation from the processing circuit to deliver pure digital sound.

- Modeled vintage EQ;
- Four bands of classic British equalization (the mid frequency EQ sections are «peaking», while the high and low frequency sections are «shelving»);
- Each band offers four selected frequency centers;
- 15 dB of boost/cut per band;
- Three high pass filters at 18 dB per octave and three low pass filters at 12 dB per octave;
- Stereo (Mono), Mid or Side EQ modes;
- Saturation On/Off-button.

- Double click — reset to default value;
- Shift — reduce knob/fader sensitivity.
▬ RRS Comp 609 VST v2.0.3
Red Rock Sound Comp 609 recreates sound of the hardware compressor from ’70s. This dynamics processor packs a recognizable musical punch heard on countless records around the world.


• Threshold determines how much compression will occur. When the input signal exceeds the Threshold level, the compressor engages. A smaller value results in more compression. The available range is from -20 dBu to +12 dBu;
• Attack determines how fast limiting will engage when the signal exceeds the limiter Threshold. The available values is from 1 to 6;
• Recovery (release) is the time it takes for the compressor to stop processing after the signal drops below the Threshold value. The available values are 40, 80, 100, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 ms;
• Ratio — this control determines the compressor ratio. The available values are 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 6:1;
• Sat. On — this toggle switch enables the Analog Saturation. The saturation has no effect unless this switch is in the «On» (down) position.

• SC-Filter — the Sidechain Filter controls the cutoff frequency of a low-cut filter on the compressor control signal sidechain. The available range is 30 Hz to 240 Hz and Off.
• Input Gain controls the signal input level to the plug-in;
• Makeup control increases the signal level out of the compressor to compensate for reduced levels as a result of compression. The available range is -20 dB to +20 dB. This control does not affect the amount of compression;
• Mix — the output balance between the signal processed by the plug-in and the original dry source signal can be adjusted with Mix control. Mix facilitates parallel compression techniques without having to create additional routings in the DAW;
• Comp. In — this toggle switch enables the compressor. The compressor has no effect unless this switch is in the «In» (down) position;
• SC — this button activates Sidechain (№3+№4) inputs. A compressor with a Sidechain input controls gain from Main Inputs (№1+№2) to outputs based on the level of the signal of the Sidechain inputs;
• Mode — compressor can operate in 4 modes: Stereo, Mid-channel, Side-channel, 2-Mono. This switch determines the active mode;
• HQ — this button activates 4x-oversampling (note that when the HQ mode is on, CPU will be loaded more than usual).

- 6 Attack, 9 Recovery (Release) and 5 Ratio selections;
- External Sidechain and Sidechain signal High-pass filter;
- 4 operation Modes: Stereo, Mid-channel, Side-channel, 2-Mono;
- Parallel compression;
- HQ-mode (4x-oversampling) and 64-bit floating point processing.

- Double click — reset to default value;
- Shift — reduce knob/fader sensitivity.

▬ RRS EQP-1A VST v1.0.1
Save time and avoid tedious manual workarounds with EQP-1A, Classic Program Equalizer plugin designed from the ground up for fast, efficient work on mid/side, stereo and the objects, the beds (fixed channels) of immersive mixing environments.

The EQP-1A based on Classic Program Equalizer from the ’60s, original EQ is renowned for its unique ability to boost and cut the same frequencies simultaneously, thereby creating a resonant shelf, the EQP-1A faithfully models the overbuilt transformers and complex tube amplifiers of the original hardware.


- 20, 30, 60, 100 Hz shelf boost;
- 20, 30, 60, 100 Hz shelf attenuate;
- 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 kHz peak boost;
- 5, 10, 20 kHz shelf attenuate;
- On/Off Analog Saturation;
- Dedicated workflows for immersive formats;
- Process entire grouped speaker zones using Channel Linking;
- 4 independent equalizers in one.

Conceived and created for broadband equalization, the EQP-1A features four low boost/cut frequencies, three high-cut frequencies and seven HF boost points, along with a bandwidth control for shaping the high boost curve.

Surround profiles do not work correctly in Logic Pro, this is due to a bug in Logic Pro compatibility with AUv3 on multi-channel tracks (When Apple fixes this, our plugin will work correctly). AUv3 on multi-channel tracks works absolutely right in Reaper.
NOTE: Just install and enjoy!!

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