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Woulg-related Reaktor 6 Ensembles+Samples

P2P | Jan 04 2017 | 61 MB
Links update: 20/11/2018

These are Reaktor 6 patches, and there are also some samples. All samples are royalty free.

Basic Granulator
Basic Granulator is just the most basic granular synth you can possibly imagine. You can link the playhead position to the midi note, or link it to the pitch, or both, or neither. You can adjust the grain size, and so on and so forth. It's the granular synth you always wanted, without all the bells and whistles that nobody asked for.. like a volume envelope.

- BasicGranular.adv
- BasicGranular.amxd
released January 3, 2017

Glasshole is a random glass resonator. Hit the "Randomize Glass" button to get a new glassy resonator to bump your sounds into. Nothing quite like adding a bit of glass to smoothen out a track that has gotten a bit too rough and/or chapped.
- Glasshole.ens
released November 21, 2016

AutoOscPan is a automatic panning utility.. sort of. It started out like that. And then it turned into a polyphonic synth. Included in the download is the auto pan version, the auto pan version with assignable lfo's, and a version that instead of controlling the panning - just outputs the signal as audio. Ideal for morphing synth lines in a way that people usually don't.
- Auto Pan.ens
- Auto Pan LFOs.ens
- Auto Osc.ens
released October 31, 2016

BadEq is an EQ with 1024 bands that you can draw in - aka DRAW YOUR OWN FILTER SHAPE! Turn the Curve knob to control what frequency the bands are on. Draw a custom envelope for the Curve knob. It's bad. It's real bad.
Update: Created a work around for Storing and Recalling the filter shape and LFO (now with easy buttons!). Remember to click "store" before you save your project in your DAW.
There is some weirdness with storing states while the curve is a value other than 1 unfortunately (not really a big deal unless you're using the LFO version), just set Curve:1 before storing if possible (in the LFO version set Curve:2 Multiply:0).
released September 22, 2016

Granular Man
Granular Nan is a monophonic granular synth, similar to Wavy Tables but with some key differences that make it far superior. The sample area is an X/Y controller that is assignable to any parameter. There are 4 envelopes that are assignable to every parameter. It has Sin and Modulo (remainder) distortion (with the ability to feed one into the other). Load in your own samples in the sample map (if you haven't done this before just open the sample map and right click and replace the one in there - remember to go to the sample view on the right after that and enable "loop").
- Granular Nan - Mono.ens
released September 3, 2016

Geometry Distortion
Three different distortions based on applying trig functions to your signal. Mostly they sound like messed up tapes.
- Multiband ArcCos.ens
- Multiband Sin.ens

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