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Udemy FL Studio 12 Blazing Beat Making Beginner Basics 2 TUTORiAL

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Links update: 21/08/2020

1. Dam man LJ killing more tracks and melodies! Following along with the second course here is definitely a step up from the first one but in reality it feels like you are getting more than what your paying for! That's only if your following along though. Dam I have come from knowing nothing from the start to learning more than I thought I could at the end of both courses. If you're reading this do your self a favor buy both courses and see for yourself! - Bell

2. lf you're like me and want to become a pro at FL Studio, sign up for LJ OnDaTrack's Blazing Beat Making Beginner Basics 1 and 2. Part 1 was really great for learning all the most elemental basics, and prepared me for Part 2. With Part 2, you now have the exposure and experience to be able to catapult in your abilities to 1) use the software and understand where things are and what they do, and 2) how to make catchy, professional-sounding beats. Ultimately all you need next are the vocals, and you'll have yourself a full track. LJ makes it fun, easy to understand, and keeps the pace moving fast. I really appreciate how he talks about the motive of every sound that you create, how it has to have an origin and a reason, because that will ultimately be what gives your track its heart. Once you understand that, you'll think about everything you're laying down in a new way--and you'll understand how to lay it down, thanks to LJ's in-depth explanations and easy to follow instructions, as well as his encouragement! I also want to shout-out to LJ, because anytime I've hit a snag on something I just couldn't figure out on my own, I've been able to reach out and he's been happy to help me figure it out. Thank you LJ! I hope there will be a Basics 3, or maybe the next course will be Intermediate 1. There is so much to learn with FL Studio, and I'm sure there's much more LJ can teach. Until then, at least now I know enough to be able to teach myself a lot within it, thanks to these courses. Look up LJ OnDaTrack online to hear some of the fresh beats he's already dropped as a producer--and while you still can, sign up for these courses before he goes on to become the next big thing. Peace, Matt - Matt Chan

3. I've taken a few of LJ's courses, he's very good at building a foundation by trial & error, and repetition. This course takes 3 tempo's, a slow, medium, & fast beat. Then he whips out an EDM track as well, so it's all encompassing. In addition, while going thru the multiple tracks & beats, he dives into various instruments, keys, bells and other various music & melody makers. So you can follow along exactly (each instrument & note/chord), or after a while, change things up a bit & choose your own style. - David Barnitz

Why Should You Take This Course?

If my 1st course: "FL Studio 12: Blazing Beat Making Beginner Basics" really helped you, then expect part 2 to do more.

This course: FL Studio 12: Blazing Beat Making Beginner Basics 2 is a follow up from my first course mentioned above. It’s 2x better than the first, meaning it’s packed with more knowledge, more beat making activities, an advanced sound pack, and producing secrets. This course is inspired by the students who left positive reviews and suggestions on about the first course. Thank You!

Students who enrolled in this course learned 3 major tempos professionals use when producing and the different genres that best fit those tempos. I also added a little Boom Bap and Electronic music production to spice up the course or get some students familiarize with a new style of producing, whichever comes first.

Each student has full access to ask me ANY question and personal help during and after taking this course.

The ONLY materials needed is up to you.

Most of the lectures are 3-7 minutes and packed with a lot of info, so you won't die of boredom.

The course is designed for students to learn over my shoulders with real life examples so, I recorded my screen throughout the lectures to make the learning process extremely simple to follow and learn from.

The only risk is not enrolling and learning the new skills needed to enhance your music production.

If you're still searching on YouTube and haven’t found exactly what you're looking for, consider this course your last search. Save yourself hours of wasted time trying to learn on your own. Your answers are right here!

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