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Softube - Monoment Bass (WAV)

Presets | 297 MB

Modern Bass. Mix-ready Bass. Monoment Bass.

In the modern day, music production leans more heavily on bass than ever before. Although track counts can number a hundred or more, often the core of a song is built around little more than a beat, a vocal, and a rich, living bass sound.

So an instrument dedicated to just that – tailored to producing huge, solid bass tones with complex, organic overtones and focused effects for a mix-ready low end – is more than just useful. It’s foundational. Monoment Bass lays the groundwork for top-quality tracks every time.

174 WAV FILES 24Bit 44100Hz


Sunfire 1969 A C1.wav"
Sunfire 1969 B C1.wav"
Sunfire 1969 C C1.wav"
Synclavier FM 1 C1.wav"
Synclavier FM 2 C1.wav"
Synclavier Sub C1.wav"
Tapes From1959 C1.wav"
The Feedback Bee C1.wav"
Truck FM Radio C1.wav"
Trucker Overdrive C1.wav"
Tube Gear Bass C1.wav"
Tubified Rock Organ C1.wav"
Unisono Puncher A C1.wav"
Unisono Puncher B C1.wav"
Unisono Puncher C C1.wav"
Voltage Air Loader C1.wav"
Voltage Overload A C1.wav"
Voltage Overload B C1.wav"
Voltage Overload C C1.wav"
Winter Night C1.wav"
12 Bit Pleasing A C1.wav"
12 Bit Pleasing B C1.wav"
808 Base Queen C1.wav"
Additive Puncher C1.wav"
Alien Drone C1.wav"
Analog Wall A C1.wav"
Analog Wall B C1.wav"
Analog Wall C C1.wav"
Big Ship A C1.wav"
Big Ship B C1.wav"
Big Ship C C1.wav"
Blown Softie C1.wav"
Bones And Tubes A C1.wav"
Bones And Tubes B C1.wav"
Brass Bass A C1.wav"
Brass Bass B C1.wav"
Brass Bass C C1.wav"
Broken Atari Chip C1.wav"
Burning Saw A C1.wav"
Burning Saw B C1.wav"
Burning Saw C C1.wav"
Burning Square A C1.wav"
Burning Square B C1.wav"
Burning Square C C1.wav"
Burning Wave A C1.wav"
Burning Wave B C1.wav"
Burning Wave C C1.wav"
Chrome Bass C1.wav"
Circuit Board Fire C1.wav"
Class Of 1980 A C1.wav"
Class Of 1980 B C1.wav"
Click Organism C1.wav"
Dark Monster A C1.wav"
Dark Monster B C1.wav"
Dark Monster C C1.wav"
Deckard Bass A C1.wav"
Deckard Bass B C1.wav"
Deckard Bass C C1.wav"
Decoded Voice C1.wav"
Deep Dream C1.wav"
Digitus A C1.wav"
Digitus B C1.wav"
Digitus C C1.wav"
Dirt Of 1981 C1.wav"
Dirt Of 1995 C1.wav"
Dirty Basement C1.wav"
Dirty House A C1.wav"
Dirty House B C1.wav"
Dirty House C C1.wav"
Dirty Sub C1.wav"
Drive on Limit C1.wav"
Driven FM Noise C1.wav"
DX Monster C1.wav"
Early Digital 2 C1.wav"
Early Digital 3 C1.wav"
Early Digital C1.wav"
Earth Shaker C1.wav"
Eniac Computer C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 1 A C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 1 B C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 1 C C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 2 A C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 2 B C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 2 C C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 3 A C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 3 B C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 3 C C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 4 A C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 4 B C1.wav"
Fast 70ies 4 C C1.wav"
Fat Man Saw A C1.wav"
Fat Man Saw B C1.wav"
Fat Man Saw C C1.wav"
Floppy Bass C1.wav"
Fluctuaction Of 10 Bit C1.wav"
Flutter Sunlight A C1.wav"
Flutter Sunlight B C1.wav"
Flutter Sunlight C C1.wav"
FM Visitors C1.wav"
Fundamental C1.wav"
Gangster Rocket C1.wav"
Heated Wave A C1.wav"
Heated Wave B C1.wav"
Heated Wave C C1.wav"
Heater Bass A C1.wav"
Heater Bass B C1.wav"
Heavy Weight A C1.wav"
Heavy Weight B C1.wav"
Heavy Weight C C1.wav"
Heroic Traveller A C1.wav"
Heroic Traveller B C1.wav"
Heroic Traveller C C1.wav"
Hot Washed Organ C1.wav"
House of Organ A C1.wav"
House of Organ B C1.wav"
House of Organ C C1.wav"
Insect Swarm A C1.wav"
Insect Swarm B C1.wav"
Italian Mood A C1.wav"
Italian Mood B C1.wav"
Italian Mood C C1.wav"
Jigsaw Bass C1.wav"
Kinetics C1.wav"
Lately Tube FM C1.wav"
Little Saw Boy A C1.wav"
Little Saw Boy B C1.wav"
Little Saw Boy C C1.wav"
Living Circuits A C1.wav"
Living Circuits B C1.wav"
Living Circuits C C1.wav"
Malfuction 214 C1.wav"
Metal Bass 1973 C1.wav"
Monster Saw A C1.wav"
Monster Saw B C1.wav"
Monster Saw C C1.wav"
Old Blue Baas 1 C1.wav"
Old Blue Baas 2 C1.wav"
Old Blue Baas 3 C1.wav"
Outburst C1.wav"
Phase Modulated C1.wav"
Piano Bass A C1.wav"
Piano Bass B C1.wav"
Pitched 808 C1.wav"
Punch Burner A C1.wav"
Punch Burner B C1.wav"
Punch Burner C C1.wav"
Rave Boy A C1.wav"
Rave Boy B C1.wav"
Replicant C1.wav"
Robotik Reso A C1.wav"
Robotik Reso B C1.wav"
Robotik Reso C C1.wav"
Robotronix 1977 C1.wav"
Rocker Brass C1.wav"
Rotor Organ C1.wav"
Rough Dance Bass C1.wav"
Rubber Bass C1.wav"
Rusty Metal Bass C1.wav"
Saw Like 303 A C1.wav"
Saw Like 303 B C1.wav"
Saw Like 303 C C1.wav"
Scream Bass C1.wav"
Square Master A C1.wav"
Square Master B C1.wav"
Square Master C C1.wav"
Stereo Games A C1.wav"
Stereo Games B C1.wav"
Stereo Games C C1.wav"
Sub Amusement C1.wav"
Sub Driver C1.wav"
Sub Operator C1.wav"
Sun Accelerator A C1.wav"
Sun Accelerator B C1.wav"
Sun Accelerator C C1.wav"

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