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Producertech - Psytrance Production in Logic Pro

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Links update: 30/06/2019

Psytrance is one of the most distinctive styles of electronic music, characterised by its psychedelic, spiritual atmosphere and high tempo, driving rhythms. This new course from Re:Creation provides all the knowledge needed to create your own futuristic psytrance tunes from scratch.

Adam Goodlet has been creating music for over 15 years and currently operates the Re:Creation studio facility in the UK, which provides music production, video editing, online mastering and tuition services. He produces both under his OverSoul and Re:Creation aliases, with the latter being a live act focusing on genre-bending psychedelic music. As Re:Creation, Adam released his acclaimed Infinite Expansions album, with the title track hitting #4 on the Beatport psytrance chart. Re:Creation continues to be a creative outlet for some of the most forward thinking psychedelic music out there.

In this set of tutorials, Re:Creation shares with you his extensive knowledge of psytrance production, making an epic track from start to finish. The first few modules show how to create the basic elements; kick, bass, percussion, evolving pads and futuristic glitchy lead sounds, with a focus on getting the best out of Logic Pro X plugins Alchemy and ES2. The later modules then go on to discuss the arrangement, using a multitude of advanced automation techniques and effects to blend sections together and create variation. The course concludes with an hour-long bonus module featuring Re:Creation tweaking the mix to produce a professional-sounding end result.

Module 1 – Intro

Re:Creation kicks off the course by discussing the content in the upcoming modules.

Module 2 – Getting Started

This lesson shows how to download the Bazzism plugin, and the basic setup for the Logic Pro X Project.

Module 3 – Kick and Bass

This module teaches how to synthesise kick drums in the Bazzism plugin, and how to create a classic psytrance bassline using Logic’s Retro Synth.

Module 4 – Percussion

Re:Creation adds a shuffling stereo hi hat pattern, a classic 909 snare and a gritty percussion loop.

Module 5 – Lead Synths

This video shows the creation of four different lead sounds using both ES2 and alchemy, in order to create interesting and varied phrases. The leads are processed with a combination of reverb and delay.

Module 6 – Creating a Pad with Alchemy

In this module, Re:Creation guides you through the sound design processes involved in making an evolving pad with the powerful Alchemy synth.

Module 7 – Main Lead

This lesson walks you through the creation of a heavily modulated lead synth sequence in Alchemy.

Module 8 – Mixdown

Tweaks With all the leads now in place, Re:Creation tweaks the mix, including adding parallel compression to tighten the drums.

Module 9 – Risers and White Noise

This module teaches how to make two common psytrance effects in ES2, the riser and filtered white noise.

Module 10 – Adding Interest to Leads

Revisiting the leads, some processing is added to add more unique character to the sounds, including distortion and delay designer.

Module 11 – Arrangement Part 1

With the main basis of the track in place, Re:Creation starts to create an arrangement, showing how to use filter automation in order to fade in elements of the track.

Module 12 – Intro Arrangement Part 1

This module gives some tips and tricks on structuring the intro for the track, including automating delays to blend sections together.

Module 13 – Intro Arrangement Part 2

This video shows how to create audio bounces from sections of the lead part, and chop them up with automation to create interesting sounds and effects.

Module 14 – Developing the Lead Sounds

A ringshifter effect is added to the intro lead, and the main lead is bounced down and sliced up to create interesting glitchy effects.

Module 15 – Automating the Leads

Re:Creation adds more automation to a multitude of effects parameters, creating more complex variation in the lead parts.

Module 16 – The Drop

This module teaches how to structure the drop, adding an extra pad layers and a thunderous sub in order to ensure maximum impact.

Module 17 – The Second Drop

In this lesson Re:Creation takes a look at creating an effective second drop, ensuring it varies from the first.

Module 18 – Wrapping Up The Arrangement

The main structure of the track is completed with a few tweaks and the addition of some reverse reverb effects to smooth the transitions between sections.

Module 19 – Mix and Master

With the arrangement complete, Re:Creation takes a look at cleaning up the mix with the use of EQ and compression. The module also discusses some quick mastering tips using the adaptive limiter.

Module 20 – Bonus Module

This hour long bonus module gives you a chance to see Re:Creation tweaking the track even further, adding some new sounds and processing to really take it to the next level.

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