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Mark Marshall Producing and Recording Guitar TUTORiAL

TUTORiAL | 9.39 GB
Links update: 04/09/2020

Professional guitarist and producer Mark Marshall breaks down the essence of getting great guitar tone and teaches you the tools and techniques for improving your productions, recordings and mixes.

Take your electric guitar productions, recordings and tone to the next level

There are many variables that can impact the tone and quality of a guitar recording. From setup, string gauge, amps and pickups, to processing, effects and miking techniques - we break down all of it with 9+ hours of in-depth training. You'll learn how to effortlessly create incredible guitar tone and take your mixes, productions, performances and recordings to the next level.

•Learn the sonic characteristics of various guitars, pickups, amps, pedals, neck types and more.
•Learn several miking techniques for guitar amplifiers including on and off-axis and how to use multiple microphones to consistently get great guitar tone.
•Explore the most popular types of pickups, including humbucker, single-coil, lipstick, P90 and more.
•Learn the importance of a proper setup and the various ways to set up your guitar for better tone.
•Mark goes in-depth on using amp emulation technology to enhance your tone and teaches you how to get the most out of any amp simulator plugin.
•Get an inside look into ten songs where Mark breaks down the techniques and processing he used to get unique guitar tones for recordings in various genres.
•Learn how to use reamping to fix undesirable recordings or to create completely new tones and textures.
•Explore various processing techniques to achieve popular and classic guitar sounds.
•Explore a collection of unique pedals and processing to get otherworldly sounds and effects.
•Increase your confidence in creating great guitar tones from scratch
•Learn about popular mics, amps and techniques for recording guitar
•Learn effective EQ, compression and gain staging techniques
•Discover specific processing chains used in various styles of music
•Learn the hardware and software variables that can affect your tone
•Explore the sonic and technical differences between various effects
•Learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of amp simulators
•Learn how to recreate classic guitar tones by The Beatles, Bowie & more
•Confidently choose the best guitar, amps and effects depending on your goal
•Explore the differences between various guitars, bridges, capos & more
•Learn tips, tools and tricks for getting a wide range of awesome guitar tones

9+ Hours of Training
In addition to 9+ hours of training, you'll get an in-depth breakdown of ten recording sessions spanning various genres.

Building Blocks of Tone
Explore the building blocks of getting great guitar tone so you can confidently create the best possible sound for your productions, recordings, performances and more.

Secrets of Classic Sounds
Learn how to create the signature sounds of various genres, from rock to blues, country to metal. Learn how to achieve classic sounds from artists like The Beatles, David Bowie and more.

Hear the Differences
Mark compares pedals, cables, picks, preamps and more so you can hear how each component affects your guitar tone.

About Mark Marshall
Mark Marshall is a Brooklyn based composer, guitarist, drummer, bassist, producer, engineer, blogger and private instructor with over 20 years of experience

During this time he’s performed and recorded with music legends, scored music for movies, TV and video games, written a book on music theory, produced albums for gifted artists as well as written articles for established publications.

Most recently his production and playing can be heard on Elizabeth and The Catapults new record Keepsake as well as Jenna Nicholls new record Radio Parade. Mark has been contributing guitar lessons to Premiere Guitar Magazine. He has also been a longtime contributor to the Pro Audio Files.

2018 will include more releases from Mark on albums by Abby Ahmad, Fife & Drom and compositions for TV. He is also a touring guitarist with artist Amy Helm.

Mark feels grateful to have shared the stage and studio with many musicians that have inspired him and enjoys sharing the knowledge he learns along the way.

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