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Lick Library Learn To Play David Gray, James Blunt & Damien Rice TUTORiAL

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Learn to play David Gray, James Blunt & Damien Rice with our expertly crafted guitar lessons delivered by Jamie Humphries, that will guide you note by note through each song. This collection of lessons dives deep into the musical genius of these prolific artists, highlighting their individual guitar styles and techniques. We've selected the standout tracks from each artist, "High" and "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, "The One I Love" and "Babylon" by David Gray, and "Cannonball" by Damien Rice.

James Blunt - High and You're Beautiful
James Blunt's "High" and "You're Beautiful" are quintessential tracks for any aspiring guitarist.

"High" is a wonderful showcase of a four-chord progression played with a capo on the sixth fret. It heavily features the guitar's upper register, creating a soaring, melodic texture. This lesson will delve into understanding this chord progression, with focus on perfecting the finger transitions and maintaining the right tempo.

"You're Beautiful", on the other hand, is a testament to James Blunt's talent for crafting simple yet emotionally powerful songs. The key to mastering this song is in the details: the syncopated rhythms, the subtle palm-muting technique, and the precision in chord changes.

Both songs offer a deep dive into the world of songwriting and melody creation, showcasing James Blunt's contribution to popular music as a guitarist.

David Gray - The One I Love and Babylon
David Gray's guitar work is characterized by his ability to create atmospheric, emotive landscapes through his chords and melodies.

"The One I Love" makes effective use of alternate picking, and the lessons on this track focus on perfecting this technique. We'll guide you through the chord changes and rhythmic patterns that give the song its unique vibe.

"Babylon" is a rhythmic masterpiece with a smooth guitar solo that requires dexterity and understanding of the fretboard. The guitar solo analysis in this lesson focuses on teaching you how to recreate the same emotions as the original. David Gray's use of chord progressions and arpeggios in this track is commendable, making this a must-learn track for guitar enthusiasts.

Damien Rice - Cannonball
"Cannonball" by Damien Rice is a beautiful ballad that showcases Rice's skill in writing emotionally powerful songs. This song uses open-string riffs, combined with a unique finger-picking pattern that is the heart of the track. The song also introduces you to altered tunings, further opening your musical palette.

In this lesson, we explore Damien Rice's intricate guitar work, understanding the underlying scales and the techniques he employs to create a rich sonic landscape.

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