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Groove3 - Superior Drummer 3 Explained

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Links update: 07/01/2020

Want superior tutorials for the highly anticipated drum production workstation, Superior Drummer 3? Look no further... Toontrack expert Luke Oswald presents the most in-depth video tutorials available about Toontrack's new flagship drum VI, Superior Drummer 3.

Luke starts with installation and interface basics and moves into the new Menu system, covering all of the global settings you need to know to get started.

After that, you'll learn all about library expansion, how to load mix presets and see how to save your own custom user presets.

Next, Luke jumps to the Drums Tab menu and explains the new approach to drum selection and how you can quickly search for instruments, replace existing kit pieces and add new kit pieces with ease.

You'll then discover how you can import your own samples and create hybrid drum stacks for quickly layering drum sounds.

Parameter Boxes are next, and you'll explore how to tweak and configure your drum sounds all the way down to the articulation level.

In the Grooves Tab, you'll learn about the new MIDI groove search filters and how you can use Tap2Find to find grooves based on ideas you have in your head. Cool!

Moving on, Luke explains the new Superior Drummer 3 Mixer in great detail, covering everything from bus routing and bus sends, to plug-in effects and microphone routing and bleed levels.

Then in the Tracker Tab, Luke demonstrates how you can take multi-channel audio drum tracks and extract MIDI information for each instrument, and then shows you how to do the same thing for a single stereo drum track, where he's able to extract MIDI data for each kit piece from a single stereo audio file!

Moving on to the Song Track section, Luke explains how easy it is to create full song templates from a single MIDI groove and how you can customize the song ideas and save user templates that you can use later for even more song creation ideas.

He also discusses the Edit Play Style function and how you can alter your MIDI grooves in a musical fashion, or how you can edit even the smallest details of your grooves within the built in Grid Editor.

Next, Luke moves on to Macro Controls and reveals how you can adjust multiple parameters with a single control for endless creative results. He also demonstrates how the Macro Controls can be assigned to a hardware controller and can be automated within a DAW.

Luke ends this series with a discussion of the new features for E-drummers. He discusses how you can choose from pre-defined MIDI maps or easily create your own with the updated Learn function.

The new positional sensing features are then covered, where you can tell Superior Drummer 3 what articulations you want to use on positional sensing pads and even setup the transition points between each articulation!

Lastly, Luke discusses global Velocity Curve and Hi-Hat CC settings that can be applied to incoming MIDI from a hardware controller without affecting the MIDI in your Song Track.

Superior Drummer 3 is truly the most comprehensive drum production tool on the market, and the Superior Drummer 3 Explained tutorial series provides the important foundation and then some, that you need to take advantage of this amazing new software. Watch "Superior Drummer 3 Explained" today!

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