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Groove3 Revoice Pro 5 Explained TUTORiAL


If you're looking for a convenient way to handle all your vocal editing and production chores, Revoice Pro 5 has you covered. Join production wizard Eli Krantzberg for a deep dive into this amazing tool and learn how it can help you get your vocals in shape quickly in one fell swoop. Whether you just need a quick bit of tuning, or you need to get surgical with removing the tiniest bits of sibilance or correct timing so it's deep in the groove, it can all be quickly and easily handled with Revoice Pro 5. This Revoice Pro 5 video course is designed for new Revoice Pro 5 users.

After welcoming you to the course, Eli begins with a short overview of what exactly Revoice Pro 5 is and what it can do. You'll learn where the three main sections are located—Match, Doubler, and Adjust—as well as a few other handy bits of information about the GUI. Then he covers the procedures for transferring audio into and out of Revoice Pro 5 for several popular DAWs, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Studio One.

Next, you'll learn all about working specifically inside Revoice Pro 5, beginning with basic navigation, scale snapping, playback ranges, and other tips. Eli also demonstrates several track-managing techniques for soloing, muting, hiding, and creating tracks, etc.

There's plenty more covered as well, including Settings and Groups (section-based settings for adjusting tempo, frame rate, etc. and functions for grouping tracks for ease of workflow), marker tracks (adding text cues for quick location), audio layers (up to four layers of audio for each track), non-ARA or stand-alone mode features, tuning/pitch editing (a variety of powerful pitch-related tools), time-based editing (moving single notes, note blocks, and more), warp points and speed ramps (for adjusting speed and transition between notes or note blocks), level editing (useful for lowering non-pitched sounds like breaths, S's, etc.), and more!

Revoice Pro 5 is like the Autobahn for vocal processing, and this Revoice Pro video course is like driving a Porsche along it. You'll learn all you need to take full command of its incredible potential quickly and be ready to start using it extensively on your very next vocal track! See the individual Revoice Pro 5 video tutorial descriptions for more on this software's amazing capabilities and how it can save you tons of valuable time. Bring your vocal editing process into the 21st century... Watch "Revoice Pro 5 Explained®" now!

What You Will Learn:

-How to transfer audio in and out of Revoice Pro 5 in several DAWs, including syncing and monitoring playback

-Using the Match function to quickly align poorly executed vocal doubles or harmonies

-Tuning vocals quickly and adjusting formants, etc.

-Adjusting the length of individual notes and note blocks

-And much more!

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