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Easy Guitar Scales and Modes By Matt Warnock

English | ASIN: B06XTBCTSB | 756 pages | PDF + EPUB (conv) | 2.75 MB
Links update: 26/12/2020

Learn Guitar Scales and Modes the Easy Way

Scales and modes are essential learning for any guitarist, but they’re intimidating when first learning to play guitar.

There’s an endless list of shapes, fingerings, theory, etc. to learn, making it easy to be overwhelmed in the practice room.


Learning scales and modes doesn’t have to be stressful or seem impossible.

In fact, learning guitar scales and modes can be easy.

You just need to learn the easiest shapes in the most efficient way possible.

The Easy Guitar Scales and Modes eBook teaches you to do this.

Guitar Scales and Modes Made Easy

The material in this eBook gets you playing pentatonic, blues, major modes, melodic minor, symmetrical scales, and much more right away.

You don’t learn complicated fingerings and over your head theory before taking scale shapes to the guitar.

By studying the easy guitar scale fingering system, you learn how to play any scale or mode over the entire fretboard quickly and without any complicated shapes.

From there, you quickly learn how to use those scales and modes in your solos, as well as what notes make each scale and mode stand out among its peers.

While other books teach you lists of unrelated fingerings and difficult to understand theory, this eBook breaks everything down to easy to play and understand concepts.

This is a small step, but a big leap in your playing, as you learn scales and modes and quickly apply them to your own songwriting, riff making, and guitar solos.

Rather than waste your time practicing shapes that are tough to memorize and hard to apply to your playing, you jump into making music right away.

What You Learn in Easy Guitar Scales and Modes

• Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales
• Minor and Major Blues Scales
• All 7 Major Scale Modes
• All 7 Melodic Minor Modes
• Harmonic Minor and Phrygian Dominant Scales
• Harmonic Major Modes 1 and 5
• Symmetrical Whole Tone and Diminished Scales
• And more….

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