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Audiofier SEQui2R Synth KONTAKT

0TH3Rside | Dec 08 2016 | 250.44 MB
Links update: 15/05/2017

SEQui2R has just become Analog!!

SEQui2R Synth is SEQui2R’s little 'BIG' brother , It retains 99% of its
predecessor’s features and has some new surprises too!

Sequi2r Synth is nor an Update of Sequi2r neither an Expansion,
it’s a different product with similar features.

: SEQui2R Synth Facts

• Sound Engines
- 2 Oscillators + Noise & Sub Oscillator

• Sound Generation
- Single Cycle Waveforms

• Sound Sources
- 80 Waveforms + 2 Noise & 2 Sine Sub, 2 Square Sub waveforms

• Master Filters
- One per Oscillator, Over 20 Selectable Types

• Amp Envelope
- Full AHDSR per oscillator

• Pitch Envelope
- Amount, Atk, Hold, Rel per oscillator

• Filter Envelope
- Amount, Atk, Hold, Rel per oscillator

• Pulse Width Envelope
- Amount, Atk, Hold, Rel per oscillator

- Amp LFO, Pitch LFO, Filter LFO, Pulse width LFO per Oscillator

• Voices
- Unison, up to 8 voices, Spread & Detune

• Play Modes
- Free Synth Mode & Step Sequencer

• Portamento
- Per Step & Synth Mode

• Mono Mode
- Synth Mode only

• Effects
- Eq, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Reverb per Engine, Master Saturation,
Master Stereo Widener, plus Selectable Master Rotor, Flanger,
Compressor, Cabinet, Master HiPass Filter

• Sequencer Phrases - 8

• Step Effects
- Volume, Pan, Filter, Talk, Drive, Bend, Choke, Bit Reducer
per Engine

• Step Sequencer
- Velocity, Solo Group, Random Note, 2 Stutter modes,

• Improvisation Modes
- Higher Notes Only, Lower Notes Only, Both

• Key/Scale
- Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales
plus 10 User programmable scales

• Random Engine
- Notes, Sound Sources, Note Division, Pitch LFO, Pitch Env,
Filter LFO, Filter Env, Pulse LFO, Pulse Env, Amp Env,
Delay & Reverb Amounts

• Key/Scale Import/Export

• Phrase Import/Export

• Midi Drag & Drop


- Two separate sound engines & oscillators

- 8 different waveforms categories chosen from the amazing
Galbanum, Architecture Waveforms collection, including:
Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Pulse, Unison, Driven and Mixed.
10 Waveforms per category including Inverse, Serial, Fractal,
Formant and more.

- Sub Oscillator with Square and Sine waveforms and Noise
Generator (White and Pink)

- Individual Tempo-Syncable LFOs and Envelopes for Pitch, Volume,
Filter and Pulsewidth, for each oscillator.

- Extremely small library size, for fastest loading time.

- Multisampled Single Cycle Waveforms, not samples of Vintage Synths.

- 8 programmable phrases per patch, with step-able Filters, Distortion,
Lo-Fi, Pitch Bend, Volume and and Pan.

- Key/Scale Control keeps your phrases in the desired scale and key.
Major, Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales are provided.

- Portamento per step.

- Stutter and Ornamento per step.

- Random notes per step, improvisation function.

- Selectable randomisation of Sounds, StepFX, phrases, Filters,
Envelopes and LFOs.

- 10 User programmable scales available per patch.

- Import and Export of User Key/Scales.

- Midi Notes Midifile Drag & Drop export.

- Includes Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Convolution Reverb per engine
and a Master Digital Reverb.

- Additional Master Fx, choose among Flanger, Rotor, Bus Compressor
and Cabinet Simulation.

- Over 20 selectable Filters per oscillator, including 4Pole, Ladder,
Daft, Pro52, HP, BP, LP and Notch, one per engine, assignable to
desired Midi CC.

- Automate-able Step effects, even at a phrase level.

- Over 100 Snapshots/presets in 3 categories: Cinematic, Modern
and Vintage.

- Total sound creation from scratch, from simple single waveforms
to very complex 4 oscillators architecture.

- Scripted Unison mode, up to 8 voices.

- Includes Sampled Unison Saws, Sine, Square, Triangle and ,
Supersaw and Ultrasaw waveforms to reduce CPU consumption at
high voices count.

- Requires FULL VERSION of NI KONTAKT 5.5. It is not compatible
with NI Kontakt Player.

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