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WiN, Mac OSX

XILS-lab Oxium v1.0.1 Incl Keygen [WiN/OSX]-AiR

XILS-lab Oxium v1.0.1 Incl Keygen [WiN/OSX]-AiR
Team AiR | Jan 2013 | WiN/OSX | 21.17 MB/29.16 MB
Links update: 18/09/2018
Oxium is a performance oriented synthesizer, offering both a classic pure analog sound and modern tones. with awesome real time modulations capabilities, allowing you to play a synthesizer in ways you could never have imagined. 

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1444 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 27.01.2013

Livid CellDNA v2.51 WiN/MAC-UNION

Livid CellDNA v2.51 WiN/MAC-UNION
Team UNION | 01/24/2012 | WiN/MAC | 107.26 MB/108.49 MB
Links update: 21/01/2017
CellDNA is designed for realtime performance of video, images, and sounds. The intuitive, easy to learn interface gets you quickly mixing video, images, and sound. Live video input, realtime recording, an advanced database for tagging, organizing, and finding clips, network control, and integration with Ableton Live makes CellDNA one of the most advanced and flexible video tools in your kit.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 999 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 25.01.2013

AudioFront DSP Trigger v1.5.0.6.Incl.Keygen.FIXED WiN/MAC-R2R

AudioFront DSP Trigger v1.5.0.6 Incl.Keygen FIXED WiN/MAC-R2R
Team R2R | 2013-01-21 | WiN/MAC | 3.56 MB/5.98 MB
Links update: 19/07/2017
DSP Trigger is a VST drum brain that processes the audio output from drum pads and converts it to MIDI to be passed on to a drum sampler. It allows you to enhance an existing e-drum kit, offering new features and functionality that your drum brain doesn't natively support.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 888 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 24.01.2013

Xfer Records Cthulhu v1.0b7 WiN OSX

Xfer Records Cthulhu v1.0b7 WiN OSX
WiN OSX | 2.80 MB
Links update: 02/05/2017
Cthulhu is two MIDI FX modules combined into one plug-in:

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1558 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 21.01.2013

MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.1 WiN/OSX-DOA

MusicLab RealStrat v3.0.1 WiN/OSX-DOA
Team DOA | WiN/OSX | 207.13 MB/210.49 MB
Links update: 14/05/2020
RealStrat provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. RealStrat covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional guitarist can produce on his Strat, including mute, bridge mute, harmonics, pinch harmonics, slap, unison bend, strumming, picking, chord chopping, scrapes, etc...

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1117 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 21.01.2013

Musiclab RealLPC v3.0.1-DOA WiN/MAC

Musiclab RealLPC v3.0.1-DOA WiN/MAC
Team DOA | 18.01.13 | WiN/MAC | 208.30 MB/212.68 MB
Links update: 07/03/2017
We are proud to present the RealLPC virtual guitar instrument bringing the incomparable Les Paul Custom Guitar sound to your studio. Gibson's Les Paul Custom, a higher end variation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar has been used by the majority of world famous musicians, spanning generations and genres, such as Wes Montgomery, Al Di Meola, Pat Metheny, Chuck Berry, Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, B.B.King, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Eddie Van Halen and many others.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1068 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 20.01.2013

Musiclab RealGuitar v3.0.1 WiN/Mac OSX-DOA

Musiclab RealGuitar v3.0.1 WiN/Mac OSX-DOA
Team DOA | 18.01.13 | WiN/Mac OSX | 188.93 MB/192.41 MB
Links update: 19/08/2017
If you are serious about creating truly realistic sounding solo and accompaniment guitar stuff for your songs, our product called RealGuitar is just what you need. RealGuitar is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on keyboard.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1159 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 20.01.2013

KV331 Audio SynthMasterBE BEAT Magazine Edition [WiN/OSX]-iND

KV331 Audio SynthMasterBE BEAT Magazine Edition [WiN/OSX]-iND
iND | Jan 2013 | WiN 19.32 MB | OSX 13.16 MB
Links update: 06/09/2017
KV331 Audio and Beat Magazine have released the free (with magazine) SynthMasterBE software synthesizer plug-in. It's available with Beat Magazine issue 86 (02/13) in VST and AU formats on Windows and Mac OS X.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1085 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 19.01.2013

ApeSoft Density v2.1.9 WiN/MacOSX-UNION

ApeSoft Density v2.1.9 WiN/MacOSX-UNION
Team UNION | WiN/MacOSX | 13.66 MB/14.58 MB
Links update: 04/10/2018
Density is a new real-time software designed especially for LIVE asynchronous granular synthesis and sound file granulation, a genuine granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects: time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, recording and manipulation of buffers, complex scrub pad exploration, dynamic envelope shape drawing and many more.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 797 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 18.01.2013

ApeSoft Pulsaret v2.0.0 WiN/MacOSX-UNION

ApeSoft Pulsaret v2.0.0 WiN/MacOSX-UNION
Team UNION | WiN/MacOSX | 12.29 MB/14.58 MB
Links update: 04/10/2018
Pulsaret is a new interactive real-time program for asynchronous/synchronous prototypes granular synthesis. Pulsaret implements a wide range of time-domain varieties of granular synthesis: glisson, grainlet, trainlet pulsar etc… Sound disintegration, pulverizer, sampled envelope "convolution”, dynamic draw envelope/ shape, interpolation-transitions and Hyper Vectorials pads they simplify the creation of incredible sound objects. All parameters are controllable via MIDI learning/rescale and OSC network. Matrix & LFO provide a powerfull way to connect one parameter with a dependent parameter/s, implementing all grainlets kind.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 898 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 18.01.2013

Inear Display Bucephal v1.2 WiN/MacOSX-R2R

Inear Display Bucephal v1.2 WiN/MacOSX-R2R | 1.41 MB/6.76 MB

Bucephal is a sound mangling plugin based on two delay lines designed to be mutated by four modulators freely assignable to the time and feedback .

You can distort the delay time across the 2-second range according to the input signal peaks using one of the two envelope followers and let the feedback bounce up and down using one of the 2 LFOs.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 853 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 17.01.2013

Renoise v2.8 Win/MAC-DOA

Renoise v2.8 Win/MAC-DOA
Team DOA | Win/MAC | 64.54 MB/64.23 MB
Links update: 18/06/2020
Renoise is a complete, expandable Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with a refreshing twist. It lets you record, compose, edit, process and render production-quality audio using a tracker-based approach. It features a wide range of built-in audio processors, alongside support for all commonly used virtual instrument and effect plug-in formats.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1198 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 15.01.2013

Virtual DJ Pro v7.3 WiN/MacOSX-DOA

Virtual DJ Pro v7.3 WiN/MacOSX-DOA | 35.31 MB/35.07 MB

Atomix Virtual DJ is the MP3 mixing software that targets every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars such as Carl Cox, and is used everyday by millions of DJs, and in many big clubs. It features a breakthrough BeatLock engine that will keep your songs in tune and let you work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ. The automatic seamless loop engine and the new synchronized sampler will let you perform astounding remixes on the fly. VirtualDJ is compatible with timecoded vinyls that let you scratch your MP3s directly on a real turntable, and with many other DJ equipment.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1018 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 15.01.2013

Madrona Labs Aalto AU VSTi v1.3.1 WiN/OSX-DOA

Madrona Labs Aalto AU VSTi v1.3.1 WiN/OSX-DOA
Team DOA | 13.1.2013 | WiN/OSX | 3.75 MB/10.19 MB
Links update: 23/05/2017
Aalto is a semi-modular software synthesizer with an innovative, patchable UI, distinctive sounds, and a charming personality.
Aalto's sound engine lets you create sounds that have been difficult or impossible to make with softsynths before now. At its heart is a complex oscillator, with FM, timbre and waveshape controls that enable a wide range of expressive sounds. Each voice also includes a lowpass gate, patchable waveguide / delay and a multimode filter.

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1101 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 14.01.2013

XILS-lab PolyKB II Player v2.1.2-AiR [WiN/OSX]

XILS-lab PolyKB II Player v2.1.2-AiR [WiN/OSX] | 22.11 MB/26.02 MB

PolyKB II Player is a fully featured synthesizer. It has eight fully customizable parameters that you can select, including ADSR values, Filter Cut Off and resonance, etc. These parameters can also receive full automation via MIDI CC. In addition, all of the real time controls already contained in the preset are made available to controllers present on the User Interface (i.e. the original Mod Wheel, After Touch, Velocity, LFO and envelope modulation assignments). 

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 1028 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 06.01.2013
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