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Sound Libraries

DN Loops - Essential Piano Melodies [ACID-WAV/REX/AIFF/MIDI]

DN Loops - Essential Piano Melodies [ACID-WAV/REX/AIFF/MIDI] | 140.12 MB

'Essential Piano Melodies' contains 50 piano melodies in ACIDized WAV, Apple and REX Loop formats. These loops bring you that current piano sound that is sweeping the charts in RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, and Soul styles. Add a touch of class to your productions!

'Essential Piano Melodies' was recorded at 24-Bit, 44.1kHz quality and is 100% royalty-free.

DN Loops, D Nice, J Farrow and M Branded bring you a truly inspiring product of melody lines that are sure to deliver.

Product Details:

• 50 Piano melody WAV Files
• 5 Popular modern tempos
• 100% Royalty-Free!
• 24-Bit / 44.1kHz WAV Audio
• Top 40 smash hits style
• WAV, AIFF, MIDI and REX formats included
• All loops & samples are royalty-free

Price : $20.12


DN Loops - Essential Piano Melodies Demo

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Giga Loops - 500 UK Hard Dance Loops [WAV/REX]

Giga Loops - 500 UK Hard Dance Loops [WAV/REX] | 140.12 MB

'500 UK Hard Dance Loops' is a selection of loops suitable for producers of UK Hard Dance, Hard Trance, Hard Style and Hard House music. These grooves are all licensed to you as royalty-free, so you can use them in your original productions at no extra cost.

This pack contains 500 loops recorded at Audio CD quality, including No-Kick loops, as well as WAV and REX formats. All loops are at 144 BPM for ease of use, and are compatible with all major music software.


• 500 Loops. No-Kick, No FX WAV
• 500 Loops No-Kick, REX
• Size 194 MB
• All recorded at 144 BPM 

Price : $22.87


Giga Loops - 500 UK Hard Dance Loops Demo

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Loopmasters Utku S Progressive House MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS

Loopmasters Utku S Progressive House MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 1.09 GB

Loopmasters are very proud to present a fresh and exciting collection of Progressive House samples from Utku S.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 1371 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 26.02.2012

Noisefactory Complex Electro Tools Vol. 2 Multiformat

Noisefactory Complex Electro Tools Vol. 2 Multiformat
Multiformat | 319.03 MB
Links update: 22/09/2019
Complex Electro Tools reloaded. Noisefactory presents the next step in easy-making Complextro and Dubstep oriented music productions.
"Complex Electro Tools Vol. 2" is the follow-up of our first Sample Pack for Complextro and Dubstep and continues our Mini Pack series. Big quality meets huge usability at a small price tag.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 1086 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 25.02.2012

Prime Loops Electro House Syndicate WAV

Prime Loops Electro House Syndicate WAV
WAV | 309.74 MB
Links update: 09/03/2017
Join the jet-setting electro producers' elite with Prime Loops' dance floor destroying "Electro House Syndicate". Gain instant access to a whole new masterclass of Electro House rhythms, gritty basses and soaring synth lines to hook your music into the minds of clubbers for months to come. 

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 999 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 25.02.2012

Loopmasters Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson Global Tech House MULTiFORMAT

Loopmasters Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson Global Tech House MULTiFORMAT
Links update: 26/04/2020
Loopmasters are very proud to present this fantastic Tech House sample collection from Dale Anderson and Anil Chawla - two of House music’s most impressive DJ/Producer combinations.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 1096 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 25.02.2012

Dangasonik Just Dance Electro Pop House ACiD WAV MIDI

Dangasonik Just Dance Electro Pop House ACiD WAV MIDI
ACiD WAV MIDI | 109.61 MB
Links update: 26/04/2020
'Just Dance: Electro Pop House' by DangaSonik features 5 radio ready construction kits that focus on Elctro Pop and House grooves. Includes ACID/WAV and MIDI formats.
... Read more »

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 983 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 25.02.2012

Studio Wormbone Atmospherix Ominous Environments MULTiFORMAT SCD DVDR-SONiTUS

Studio Wormbone Atmospherix Ominous Environments MULTiFORMAT SCD DVDR-SONiTUS
Team SONiTUS | 04-2012 | 693.01 MB
Links update: 25/06/2017
'Atmospherix: Ominous Environments' from Studio Wormbone effectively transports listeners to anxious underworlds. These disturbing dystopias are ready to inject your next production with gloom and doom. They are ambient inhospitable places, where dread lurks just beneath the surface.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 921 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 25.02.2012

Studio Wormbone - Barbed Wire Ear Candy [WAV/REX/AIFF]

Studio Wormbone - Barbed Wire Ear Candy [WAV/REX/AIFF] | 638.07 MB

Musically mutilated, abnormal, grotesque, jarring . . . you’ve just been assaulted by 'Barbed Wire Ear Candy' from Studio Wormbone. Welcome to a powerhouse package of sounds that will soon add a whole new shock element to the forefront of your music. It epitomizes a creative mindset both uncommon and courageous. Disgustingly nasty and hard edged, this collection is also stylistically seductive throughout. Dig deeper if you dare!

These loops and samples are packed with sickeningly wretched and forceful components, for that ‘in-your-face’ musical appeal. They are a BOLD artistic statement, unarguably hideous. They’ll give your next audio project a startling uniqueness of character and a dissonant desirability.

Sound Categories:

The included folders are categorized into disgruntled drum loops, grating guitar and bass FX, scorched synth FX, traumatic synth hits, cruel synth loops, and inhumane vox FX in a variety of tempos mostly in 4/4 time signature. This congregation of borderline mental material would be ideal for amping up any production that needs to be attention-arrestingly harsh and edgy, be it an industrial track or theatrical score.


• Apple Loops/Aiff

Formats provided are WAV/AIF/REX2 in 24Bit/44.1khz resolution, and are of course Royalty-Free. Every sample has been professionally recorded, edited, (tortured) and mastered with the utmost care, is usable with every major audio software program (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Acid, Garageband, Ableton Live) and is compatible cross platform with either Mac or PC. 

Price : $27.98


Studio Wormbone - Barbed Wire Ear Candy Loops and Samples Demo 1

Studio Wormbone - Barbed Wire Ear Candy Loops and Samples Demo 2

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Prime Loops - Chopper FX [WAV]

Prime Loops - Chopper FX [WAV] | 306 MB

Need some new FX to get your sound off the ground? Grab a slice of the action with "Chopper FX”, the razor sharp sample pack fresh from audio masters Prime Loops! This selection of severed sounds guarantees to add instant intensity to your mix, delivering an eccentric anthology of sliced-up atmospheres that is the ideal tool to get your tracks airborne across virtually any genre! 

Drop the chops from a selection of 120 studio-crafted files arranged across 6 folders:

- Throw down fragmented foundations with "Beat Chops”
- Formulate a fractured framework with "Construction Chops”
- Raise the roof with "Elevating Chops”
- Weave fresh frequencies with "Gliding Chops”
- Throw in some fresh angles with "Rotor Spectrum”
- Raise the bass with "Rotor Bass”

Taking influence from a wide range of sources, from Walter Murch's ground-breaking sound work for the film "Apocalypse Now" to modern Dubstep FX mayhem, this pack is designed to spice up your breaks and slice up your choruses! Primarily built around 120BPM but extending up to 145, these turbulent sounds come ready-made for a wide range of genres but you can always stretch your favourite loops to whatever speed you desire! 

As you can expect with every renowned Prime Loops sound library, all 320MB of "Chopper FX" comes to you pre-formatted for all major music hard and software – simply drag and drop to get things flying! Delivered in stunning 24-bit quality and totally free from royalty and sample clearance hassle, this pack will please upcoming music makers as well as the multitude of big names who already wisely favour Prime Loops products (check out the community page for recommendations from some pretty big hitters). 

So climb aboard and hold on tight whilst "Chopper FX” elevates your mix to soaring status! Chop’n’roll all night with this sample library, cracked, warped, mastered and manipulated by Prime Loops exclusively for your euphonic pleasure!

Product's Page
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Earth Moments Laya Project WAV

Earth Moments Laya Project WAV
WAV | 1.34 GB
Links update: 23/07/2019
The Laya Project - Producer Collection is an exceptionally high quality bundle of rare recordings, from the award winning production Laya Project, a journey of music and visual discovery through six countries affected by the 2004 tsunami. The Laya Project - Producer Collection contains authentic and organic folk instruments and vocals, recorded in the remote villages of Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives using warm Neve and SSL preamps and Neumann vintage tube mics.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 1318 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 24.02.2012

Samplephonics - Organic Loop Elements

Samplephonics - Organic Loop Elements | 1.46 GB

We wanted to create something new and fresh, yet also draw inspiration from the early days of record sampling. In a very digital age, we felt there was a lack of good quality real music samples available. After discussing this with George we came up with the concept of providing looping music riffs from a variety of natural instrument sounds and in a range of different styles.

The pack is split into 4 tempo categories, which in turn contain 12-13 song folders. Within the song folders there is a main mix and the corresponding stems, allowing you to layer separate song parts as you wish. 
The aim of these loops and samples is to provide an added sense of realism and depth, and introduce new flavours and timbres that are impossible to obtain using electronic production methods alone. 


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SM101 Vintage Breaks WAV

SM101 Vintage Breaks WAV
WAV | 245.25 MB
Links update: 06/07/2017
Sample Magic unleashes studio gold in the first in its new 101Studio series - featuring 101 vintage breaks recorded with a superlative level of old-school authenticity never before heard in a sample collection.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 1292 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 23.02.2012

Sounds To Sample Progressive House Melodics 2 WAV MiDi

Sounds To Sample Progressive House Melodics 2 WAV MiDi
WAV MiDi | 160.61 MB
Links update: 14/06/2019
Melodic overload in this blistering second serving of progressive melodic tools, featuring 200+MB of cone-shredding basslines, scorching synths and malleable Midi files for customised melodics.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 1263 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 23.02.2012

East West Quantum Leap - Stormdrum [KONTAKT] RE-UP | 3.34 Gb

East West Quantum Leap - Stormdrum [KONTAKT] | 3.34 Gb

STORMDRUM all started when producer NICK PHOENIX decided to go down to the Record Plant in Los Angeles to record some big film grooves for movie trailers he was working on. He hired some the best percussionists in the world (Tal Bergman, Richie Garcia, Michito Sanchez), and filled up Studio A with hundreds of drums.

The Record Plant said they had never seen anything like it. After a complex setup, they were ready to roll. Everything was recorded through Neuman mics into an SSL Console to 2 inch analog tape and later transfered to 24 bit, 88.2 digital. Now, after years of recording, editing, and programming, STORMDRUM has arrived!

No installation, no registration required, use 'Add library' tab to add the library in Ni Kontakt (ASSiGN/DYNAMiCS).

STORMDRUM, который все начали, когда производитель НИК ФОЕНИКС решил спуститься до Рекордного Завода в Лос-Анджелесе, чтобы сделать запись некоторых больших углублений фильма для трейлеров кино, он продолжал работать. Он нанял некоторых лучшие ударники в мире (Тэл Бергман, Ричи Гарсия, Мичито Санчес), и заполнил Студию сотнями барабанов.

Рекордный Завод сказал, что они никогда не видели ничего как он. После сложной установки они были готовы катиться. Все было зарегистрировано через микрометры Neuman в Пульт SSL к 2-дюймовой аналоговой ленте и позже передало 24 битам, 88.2 цифровых. Теперь, после лет записи, редактирования и программирования, STORMDRUM прибыл!

Никакая установка, никакая требуемая регистрация, не использует вкладку 'Add library', чтобы добавить, что библиотека в Ni Kontakt (НАЗНАЧАЕТ/ДИНАМИКА).




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