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LinPlug Relectro v1.0.1 MAC OSX-Xdb Black Opal skin by Cook

LinPlug Relectro v1.0.1 MAC OSX-Xdb
Black Opal skin by Cook
| 1.30 MB

I didn't like Relectro's bleak white surface so I have re-worked the colors of the entire GUI.  

NOTE: No need to install the skin as i have embedded it inside all Plug-Ins. 
If you don't like it you can always remove it from the "Contents" folder.



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BBE - D82 Sonic Maximizer v2.4 AU VST RTAS 32+64 bit Mac OSX-IND

BBE - D82 Sonic Maximizer v2.4 AU VST RTAS 32+64 bit Mac OSX-IND
32+64 bit Mac OSX | 2.89 MB
Links update: 26/10/2018
For years professional musicians and studio engineers have known that the Sonic Maximizer is the best way to get that professional sound and extra sparkle that is so difficult to capture. Now you can access BBE processing technology within the digital domain. The D82 Sonic Maximizer plugin is identical to the physical unit it terms of utility and processing. The BBE advanced sonic processing technology and proprietary algorithms have allowed us to create a plugin that boasts the following features:

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MOTU - Digital Performer v8.01 [MAC OSX]

MOTU - Digital Performer v8.01 [MAC OSX] | 917.77 MB

Left brain, right brain. Digital Performer 8 is designed equally for both, with insiprational features devised to ignite your creative muse, combined with state-of-the-art studio production technologies engineered for the most demanding, world-class recording and production environments.


New features introduced in version 8.01
-The Consolidated Window now supports the full-screen feature in Mac OS X 10.7+.
-The behavior for opening the Plug-in Chooser from a Mixing Board insert slot has changed slightly. If the insert slot already holds a plug-in, hold down the Command/Ctrl key while clicking the existing plug-in to open the Plug-in Chooser (instead of clicking the right side of the insert slot, as shown in Figure 67-7 on p. 769 of the DP8 User Guide).
-If you use three or more monitors connected to your Mac, and you are running Mac OS X 10.6.8, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 for improved stability.

Improvements, optimizations, and refinements can also be found in the following areas:
-Hardware video output (both DV and MOTU video interfaces).
-Movie window performance.
-Sysex messages in 64-bit operation.
-Rewire support.
-Operation with Kontakt 4/5.
-Importing sound files and soundbites, including possibly corrupted sound files.
-AAF export.
-Consolidated window info panels and channel strip.
-Scrolling in the Sequence Editor, MIDI Editor, Drum Editor, and Notation Editor.
-Meter animation throughout the program.




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Proximity v1.0.1 MAC OSX +Skin by Cook

Proximity v1.0.1 MAC OSX +Skin by Cook| 6.60 MB

Proximity is a collaborative effort by Tokyo Dawn Labs and vladg/sound.

This plug-in is an easy to use distance "pan-pot" based on several psycho-acoustic models. The idea is to give mixing engineer a reliable tool which allows him to manipulate the "depth" of several sound sources in a straight forward and convincing manner.

Several models can be combined:

Distance signal delay by speed of sound.
Distance gain loss.
Absorption of high-frequencies in air.
Stereo width manipulation.
Proximity effect of virtual microphone.
Distance based early reflections.

All of them can be turned on and off to taste. Distance modulation options extend the creative possibilities even further. Units can be switched from metric (meters) to imperial (inches).

The plug-in is available in 32 and 64-bits versions for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU format. 



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Rob Papen SubBoomBass v1.1.2 Mac OSX-Xdb [AU + VST]

Rob Papen SubBoomBass v1.1.2 Mac OSX-Xdb [AU + VST]
Team Xdb | 16.11.2012 | 85.29 MB
Links update: 29/01/2019
SubBoomBass Version 1.1.2
It uses the new oscillator code from Predator, so the non-sample waves are much improved in quality and have much less aliasing noise in the upper octaves.
Improved preset changing behaviour, so less clicks and less CPU spikes when changing presets.
Other small improvements & bug fixes.
SubBoomBass is a dedicated bass synth with presets designed by Rob Papen (and other guest artists) that will supply you with "huge cone-rattling sounds".
Based on the Predator engine, SubBoomBass has been carefully crafted to provide you with the tools to create fresh new bass lines for any musical style. Rob Papen displays his innovative style by combining the 'phat' sounding synth engine with tuned drum percussion samples and rare samples. It is great for Hip Hop and RnB but can also be used for Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Garage, Grime and much more.
Other features include a groove sequencer and two effects slots which can be modulated. SubBoomBass also features an 'Easy Edit' page and the unique 'Quick Browser' system that will allow you to find the sounds you need quickly and easily.

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Cockos REAPER v4.3 Mac OSX-Xdb [32+64 bits]

Cockos REAPER v4.3 Mac OSX-Xdb [32+64 bits] | 24.51 MB

REAPER (Rapid Environment for Audio Prototyping and Efficient Recording) is designed for the recording, arrangement, editing, mixing and rendering of audio.

Basic features:

Support for an unlimited number of audio tracks.
Audio tracks are all fully routable (multiple inputs, outputs).
Volume, pan controls and envelopes per track.
Supports audio processing plug-ins (DirectX, DXi, VST, VSTi, and Jesusonic) with automation, easy chain manipulation and editing.
Pitch shifting and time stretching.
Fast, reasonable and usable Windows-style UI, working well on both low and high resolutions or multiple monitors.
ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and DirectSound support for playback and recording.
Reads WAV, OGG, MP3 and MIDI files, records WAV and MIDI files.
Can render to WAV, OGG, MP3 if lame is installed.
Full SMP support (can utilize 2 or more processors).
Multi-layer undo/redo support.
User creatable color themes.

Advanced features:

Unlimited send/receives per track, with configurable parameters (pre-fx, post-fx, volume/pan adjustment/envelopes, mix to mono, phase, etc.).
Any track can act as a bus, for routing flexibility.
Tracks can have one or more (mono or stereo) hardware sends, for analog mixing capability.
Fully routable/FX-able folder tracks that can contain group tracks.
Item grouping.
Ripple editing.
Grid/snap support with configurable options.
Unlimited takes per media item.
Auto punch-in/punch-out functionality.
Automatic record monitoring modes.
Selection length granularity options as well as grid snapping.
Tempo envelope (for grid lines/snapping/ruler), play-speed envelope.
Project consolidation/export options (for rendering all or parts of any number of tracks to WAV, etc.).
A UI and architecture that allows you to easily cut loops of many tracks simultaneously, without having to write them to disk.
Support for plug-in generated media (such as click tracks, etc.).
Project tempo envelopes for variable tempos in track, grid/snapping that supports variable tempos.
64-bit floating point sample pipeline for high quality.
Advanced recording and monitoring options; examples:
You can route multiple tracks (inputs and/or media items) into a bus, and record THAT mixed down version.
You can record the input signal, or record the post-FX, post-track-render signal.
You can switch recording sources on the fly, even while recording.
You can arm/disarm tracks' inputs while playing or recording.



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Arturia SPARK DubStep v1.0 MAC OSX-Xdb

Arturia SPARK DubStep v1.0 MAC OSX-Xdb| 659.57 MB

Catering to the rhythmically distinctive needs of dubstep producers globally, SPARK DubStep features a comprehensive library of 30 kits / 480 instruments created in partnership with London-based pro audio loops and samples provider Sample Magic.

SPARK DubStep is a complete rhythm track construction kit, boasting 960 pre-programmed MIDI patterns of hard-hitting drums, virtual analogue synths, and filter-modulated mayhem.

SPARK DubStep's powerful, user-friendly interface makes beat- and bass pattern-creation easy, especially when using the step sequencer situated at the top of the default centre panel. Hardware drum machine enthusiasts will feel right at home here. Thanks to advanced looping modes cleverly combined with the XY pad's real-time slicing and filtering controls, users will be producing breaks in no time at all.

Each of the 480 instruments comes complete with 12 sound-sculpting parameters to promptly put your own stamp on the resultant sound: modify the noise colour of hi-hats; clip basses using various analogue filters; adjust the LFO rate and depth of a wobble bass, etc.

SPARK DubStep's integrated 16-channel mixer offers 14 high-quality effects and maps each instrument's stereo output to the host DAW when seamlessly running as a plug-in (RTAS, AU, VST3) with real- time automation available on all parameters. It's possible to export patterns as .wav or MIDI files to the DAW — simply drag-and-drop any pattern from the currently open kit to have it automatically rendered in the chosen format.

Performers wishing to use SPARK DubStep as a standalone instrument independently from a software sequencer and play it from their favourite MIDI keyboard- or drumpad-based controller are perfectly free to do so. Either way, all onscreen key knobs and pads are easily assignable via MIDI. 


30 different kits ranging from pure wobble anthems to revisited EDM and Hip Hop tracks on dub steroids.
More than 500 pre-programmed MIDI patterns, that you can also customize to your needs.
Made for live performance: FX Pad, Looper, Slicer and Real-time automation on all parameters.
14 high quality effects : Multiband Compressor, Reverb, Sub generator, Destroyer, Bit crusher, Multiband EQ, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Phaser, Plate reverb, Flanger, Space pan, Limiter.
Spark’s Step Sequencer makes track creation a breeze.
Perfect integration: 16 independant audio outputs, midi I/O.
Unparalleled sound quality based on virtual analog synthesis (TAE®) and high resolution sampling.
Playable through any MIDI keyboard or drumpads.



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Inklen MixEmergency v2.1 MAC OSX

Inklen MixEmergency v2.1 MAC OSX | 3.80 MB

MixEmergency is a unique visualisation application capable of being controlled by Scratch Live. It allows the user to mix, scratch and record .

MixEmergency's powerful controls and high-performance rendering engine allow users to quickly and easily add stunning effects and transitions to their mix.

MixEmergency - уникальное применение визуализации, способное к тому, чтобы быть управляемым Живой Царапиной. Это позволяет пользователю смешивать, царапать и делать запись.

Сильные средства управления MixEmergency и высокоэффективный двигатель предоставления позволяют пользователям быстро и легко добавляют ошеломляющие эффекты и переходы к их соединению.






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VRSonic VibeStudio Designer v2.9.1 Mac OSX

VRSonic VibeStudio Designer v2.9.1 Mac OSX | 417.38 MB

Vibestudio Designer 2 is a professional 3D audio design suite comprised of two applications: VibeStation and Profiler.Together these applications create a one of a kind spatial audio package that provides the ability to compose and render spatial audio scenes to binaural headphones or 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, or 10.2 loudspeaker display.

Проектировщик Vibestudio 2 является профессиональным 3D аудио набором дизайна, состоявшим из двух заявлений: VibeStation и Профилировщик. Вместе эти заявления создают тот доброго пространственного аудио пакета, который обеспечивает способность составить и отдать пространственные аудио сцены к бинауральным наушникам или 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, или 10.2 дисплеев громкоговорителя.





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N-Track Studio v2.0.5.2981 MAC OSX

N-Track Studio v2.0.5.2981 MAC OSX | 48.29 MB

Turn your PC into a multitrack music recording studio

Records and plays back a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
VST, VST3, DirectX (Windows), AU (Mac) and ReWire effects can be added to each channel/track
Volume, pan, aux sends & returns and effects parameters can be automated: you can "program" fade-in/outs, cross fades, boost the volume of a track when there is a solo etc.
Live input processing Live input processing allows to process with plug-ins live signals. Record the 'dry' (unprocessed) signal while processing and reprocess the recording later - i.e. play a guitar through a distortion plug-in then change the distortion after the recording

Превратите свой PC в многодорожечную студию звукозаписи

Отчеты и воспроизводят фактически неограниченное число следов MIDI и аудио
VST, VST3, DirectX (Windows), AU (Mac) и эффекты ReWire могут быть добавлены к каждому каналу/следу
Объем, кастрюля, aux посылает & возвращается, и параметры эффектов могут быть автоматизированы: Вы можете "программировать" fade-in/outs, крест исчезает, повысьте объем следа, когда есть соло и т.д.
Живой вход, обрабатывающий Живую входную обработку, позволяет обрабатывать с программными расширениями живые сигналы. Сделайте запись 'сухого' (необработанного) сигнала, обрабатывая и подвергните переработке запись позже - то есть играйте, гитара через программное расширение искажения тогда изменяют искажение после записи






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Sugar Bytes Guitarist Library MacOSX-R2R

Sugar Bytes Guitarist Library MacOSX-R2R
Team R2R | 1.8.2012 | 791.12 MB
Links update: 24/12/2018
We proudly present the complete electric guitar solution for Mac and PC. Absolutely convincing guitar riffs, combined with amps, wah pedals and effects. The actual guitar player has been transformed into a step sequencer system that allows control about playing styles, chord progressions and song structures. Guitarist can be played live as well, with just two fingers you can combine chords and patterns easily. You can choose from factory chords or just create your own chords on the fingerboard. The Action Section allows you to tweak the sequence in realtime and apply timestretch, looper or other crazy effects. Guitar players, keyboarders, producers, Guitarist is the new solution when guitar tracks are needed.
Home page

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Djay v4.0.6.Multilingual MacOSX

Djay v4.0.6.Multilingual MacOSX | 20.74 MB

Ready to rock your next party? djay seamlessly integrates with your iTunes library and transforms your Mac into a full-blown DJ system. Unprecedented ease-of-use, combined with innovative and powerful mixing features, make this the perfect tool for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Готовый качать Вашу следующую сторону? djay эффективно интегрируется с Вашей библиотекой iTunes и преобразовывает Ваш Mac в полноценную систему ди-джея. Беспрецедентная простота в употреблении, объединенная с инновационными и сильными особенностями смешивания, делает это прекрасным инструментом для новичков и закаленных доводов "за" подобно.




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XLN Audio Addictive Drums Indie ADpak Addon MAC OSX

XLN Audio Addictive Drums Indie ADpak Addon MAC OSX | 476.66 MB

The Indie ADpak is the perfect choice for any production that needs drums with character! Real analog sound, detailed grittiness and the perfect ambience to frame it all. This ADpak is all about the sound, character and analog perfection. Simply put: creative sounds for creative people! The unmistakable warmth and punch of analog tape are highly sought after characteristics in today’s digital domain. The hassle of actually owning and operating a tape machine versus the choice of using one of the digitally remodeled plug-ins out there it’s not much of a choice for most people. When it comes to drums the options of creating a sound is endless but among most technicians and producers they agree on one thing: Drums on tape simply sound better!

The Kit
The Indie ADpak features a beautiful blue sparkle ICE Custom Shop drum kit. It’s a hand made modern vintage rock kit with new "old school” made shells and original vintage Slingerland hardware. The snare is a Premier Keith Moon signature "The Spirit of Lily”, part of the rare 8 Piece signature kit. We tried a lot of cymbals for this kit and found the Paiste 2002 and Signature series were a great match however the hi-hat is a vintage Zildjian K 15” for the right crisp.
Kick: Ice Custom Shop 26 X 14”
Snare: Premier Keith Moon Signature 14 X 5,5”
Rack Toms: Ice Custom Shop 13 X 10” Hi, 13 X 10” Lo
Floor Toms: Ice Custom Shop 16 X 16” & 18 X 16”
Cymbals: Paiste 2002 & Signature
Hi-Hat: Zildjian K 15”
Xtra: Rhythm Tech Tambourine, Left-Right-Hit

The Character
Together with the studio owner Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm and the engineer Henrik Gustafsson we carefully tried out and chose the best components for this production from the choice of drumsticks to the choice of tape to record on to get the right character. We tuned the drums to get the most out of the room with every kit piece and chose the microphones that captured this in the best possible way but also enhanced this with their own characteristics and color. We managed to really capture the massive energy and character of these drums and the amazing room, with the subtle grittiness of the vintage microphones combined the silky sounding Neve desk and the rich and punchy Studer A80 tape machine. The Indie ADpak truly has the quality characteristics and attributes of a top class analog recording.

The Studio
The choice of studio for this ADpak was easy: Svenska Grammofon Studion (In English: The Swedish Gramophone Studio) also called SGS located in Gothenburg, Sweden. SGS is one of the largest and best analog studios in Europe with its impressive 750 sq. meters (8070 sq. feet) in size. SGS hosts an endless collection of vintage gear from old Steinway uprights and rare Fender amps to Fairchild compressors and Pultec Eq’s. The gear list will simply make your jaw drop. Massive is the right word!

The Recording
We recorded in SGS Studio A’s largest room measuring about 120 sq meters (1290 sq feet) with half of the room with a height of 10 meters (33 Feet) from floor to ceiling. The walls are covered with oak panel in an old fashion tile pattern, which makes the decay character short and rich. We used vintage microphones on the kit except for the stereo room mics, which is a pair of highly sought after hand built Thuresson CM402’s. We recorded the kit through SGS Studio A’s Neve 8048 Console, known as the "Queen” desk since the legendary band Queen has been one of the previous owners. This specific desk was used on classic recordings by artists as: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and many more. We mainly used the 1081 preamps on the desk and went directly to the 2” Studer A80 tape machine and finally to the Lynx Aurora converters clocked by a Rosendahl Nanosync.
Rare Vintage Microphones
Neve 8048 Console
Studer A80 Tape Machine
Oak Panel Room with short and rich decay
The legendary SGS Sound

The Presets
The Indie ADpak also features 40+ high-class presets in many different styles and tweaks. Go from dirt n dry to lush n large in one click! The presets are made by artists like:
Mark "Spike” Stent
Jagz Kooner
The SGS Team
Mathias Oldn (Logh)
Karl Larsson (Last Days Of April)
Elof Loelv
Marching Band
The XLN Team
The Features
We've added a new very useful feature in the Indie ADpak for the "Xtra” slot. The "Xtra” in Indie is a tambourine recorded with a right sweep, left sweep and standard hit stroke in multiple layers and round robins which makes it possible to play or program very realistic tambourine patterns.
The Beats

The Indie ADpak includes 2 MIDI-songs divided in different parts + 5 tambourine grooves. The beats are a small preview collection taken from the Indie Rock MIDI Pak. Just Drag n Drop into your host! The beats are recorded by two of Sweden’s most influential drummers:
Fredrik Sandsten from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Staffan Ljunggren from Trummor & Orgel (In English: Drums & Organ)
The "Indie" Ludwig Vistalite bass drum

To celebrate the great success of the INDIE ADpak and the INDIE Rock MIDI Pak we are giving away an extra Bass Drum. It’s rich, fat and punchy and right now ladies and gentlemen - it's for FREE! This is a Ludwig Vistalite (Blue) 22 X 16" and it’s recorded exactly as the ICE Custom Shop Bass Drum in the INDIE ADpak. The Vistalite bass drum is slightly shorter and deeper in character than the ICE Custom Shop bass drum and it’s actually the most used one in Svenska Grammofon Studion.

Kitpiece info
Kick: Ice Custom Shop 26x14” Kick
Snare: Premier Keith Moon Signature 14x5,5” Snare
Rack Toms: Ice Custom Shop 13x10” Hi & 13x10” Lo
Floor Toms: Ice Custom Shop 16x16” & 18x16”
Cymbals: Paiste Cymbals
Hi-Hat: Zildjian K 15” Hi-Hat
Xtra: Rhythm Tech Tambourine, Left-Right-Hit

Kit Piece and Microphone list
Kick: Ice Custom Shop Blue Sparkle 26 X 14”
Front: Neumann U47 FET, Electro Voice RE-20
Beater: Shure SM57
Snare: Premier Keith Moon Signature "The Spirit of Lily” 14 X 5,5”
Top: Sennheiser MD441, Neumann KM84
Bottom: AKG C414
Hi-Hat: Zildjian K 15” Vintage
Top: Electro Voice RE-20, Neumann KM54
Tom1: Ice Custom Shop 13 X 10” (Hi tuned)
Tom2: Ice Custom Shop 13 X 10” (Lo tuned)
Tom3: Ice Custom Shop 16 X 16”
Tom4: Ice Custom Shop 18 X 16"
Mics: Sennheiser MD421's
Crash 1: Paiste 2002 Red Logo 19”
Crash 2: Paiste Sign Full Crash 18”
Crash 3: Paiste 2002 Red Logo 16”
Ride: Paiste 2002 Red Logo 22”
Xtra 1-3: Tambourine, Rhythm Tech - Left, Right & Hit
OH Mics
Stereo: Neumann U67 - Matched
Mono: Neumann M49
Room Mics
Stereo: Thuresson CM402 - Matched
Mono: AKG C12
Preamps: Neve 1081’s / 8048 console.
Recording: Studer A80 2” Tape Machine.
Lynx Aurora 16HD Converters.
Rosendahl Nanosync

Recorded at: Svenska Grammofon Studion (SGS) www.svenskagrammofonstudion.com
Recorded by: Henrik "Kalkyl” Gustafsson, Kalle Gustafssson Jerneholm and Andreas Mood
Session Drummer: Fredrik Sandsten The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Presets: Mark "Spike” Stent, Jagz Kooner, The SGS Team, Elof Loelv, Mathias Oldn (Logh), Karl Larsson (Last Days Of April), Marching Band and The XLN Team.
Demo Beats: Fredrik Sandsten and Staffan Ljunggren
Project Management: Andreas Mood
Promotion: Andreas Mood and Staffan Gustafsson
Artwork, Photos & Graphic Design: Mattias Frnell at 15kstudios.com
Audio Editing & Mix: Kim Lindberger
Programming: The Best Programmers In The World: The XLN Dev-Team
Legal: Niklas Bergman
Videos: Peder Bergstrand
Video Music: Bjrk & Toffe
Pressing & Printing: Dicentia
Special Thanks: Henrik "Kalkyl” Gustafsson, Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm, Fredrik Sandsten, Staffan Ljunggren, Kjetil Granli, NTK Music, Mark "Spike” Stent, Jagz Kooner, Jonas Nilsson at Feeble Music and Bad Taste Records, Mathias Oldn, Karl Larsson, Elof Loelv, Marching Band, Max Martin and Tom Talomaa At Maratone.

Инди-ADpak - отличный выбор для любого производства, которое нуждается в барабанах с характером! Реальная аналоговая звуковая, подробная песчаность и прекрасное окружение, чтобы создать все это. Этот ADpak - все о звуке, характере и аналоговом совершенстве. Просто помещенный: творческие звуки для творческих людей! Безошибочная теплота и удар аналоговой ленты чрезвычайно разыскиваются после особенностей в сегодняшней цифровой области. Стычка фактического владения и действия машиной ленты против выбора использования одного из в цифровой форме реконструированных программных расширений там это не большая часть выбора для большинства людей. Когда дело доходит до барабанов варианты создания звука бесконечны, но среди большей части технического персонала и производителей они договариваются об одной вещи: Барабаны на ленте просто кажутся лучше!

Инди ADpak показывает красивый синий, искрится ЛЕДЯНОЙ ударной установкой Магазина обычая. Это - сделанный современный старинный горный комплект руки с новыми "старыми школьными” сделанными раковинами и оригинальные старинные аппаратные средства Slingerland. Ловушка - подпись премьер-министра Кита Муна "Дух Лилии”, часть редких 8 комплектов подписи Части. Мы попробовали много тарелок для этого комплекта и нашли Paiste, 2002 и ряд Подписи были большим матчем, однако, привет-шляпа - год изготовления вина Zildjian K 15 дюймов для правильного хрустящего картофеля.
Удар: Ледяной магазин обычая 26 14 дюймов
Ловушка: Подпись 14 луны премьер-министра Кита 5,5 дюймов
Стойка Toms: Ледяной магазин обычая 13 10 дюймов привет, 13 10 дюймов Ло
Пол Toms: Ледяной магазин обычая 16 16 дюймов & 18 16 дюймов
Тарелки: Paiste 2002 & Подпись
Привет-шляпа: Zildjian K 15 дюймов
Xtra: Технический тамбурин ритма, лево-Правильный Хит

Вместе с владельцем студии Каллом Густафсоном Джернехолмом и инженером Хенриком Густафсоном мы тщательно испытали и выбрали лучшие компоненты для этого производства от выбора барабанных палочек к выбору ленты сделать запись на получить правильный характер. Мы настроили барабаны, чтобы вытащить большинство из комнаты с каждой частью комплекта и выбрали микрофоны, которые захватили это самым лучшим способом, но также и увеличили это с их собственными особенностями и цветом. Нам удалось действительно захватить массивную энергию и характер этих барабанов, и удивительная комната, с тонкой песчаностью старинных микрофонов объединила шелковистый звучащий стол Фирна и богатую и коротенькую и толстую машину ленты Studer A80. У Инди ADpak действительно есть качественные особенности и признаки главной записи аналога класса.

Выбор студии для этого ADpak был легок: Svenska Grammofon Studion (На английском языке: Шведская Студия Граммофона) также названный SGS, расположенным в Гетеборге, Швеция. SGS - одна из крупнейших и лучших аналоговых студий в Европе с его внушительными 750 кв. метрами (8070 кв. ног) в размере. SGS принимает бесконечную коллекцию старинного механизма от старого Steinway uprights и редких усилителей Буфера к компрессорам Фэирчайлда и Палтек Эк. Список механизма просто заставит Вашу челюсть понизиться. Массивный правильное слово!

Мы сделали запись в Студии SGS самой большой комнаты А, измеряющей приблизительно 120 кв. метров (1290 кв. ног) с половиной комнаты с высотой 10 метров (33 фута)




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DMG Audio PitchFunk v1.02 AU VST VST3 RTAS Mac OSX [K] Xdb

DMG Audio PitchFunk v1.02 AU VST VST3 RTAS Mac OSX [K] Xdb | 13.40 MB

Refined Design, Monstrous Effects

Science has officially gone too far. DMGAudio PitchFunk is an audio manipulating colossus that puts into your hands a laboratory-full of sound crunching effects.

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LAMA v1.34 Build 1122 [k]ed [Mac OSX]

LAMA v1.34 Build 1122 [k]ed [Mac OSX] | 4.81 MB

LAMA is the Audio Measurement Application that tells you what you do and not what to do! It is a toolbox of audio-measurement instruments that allow fast & easy setup, designed for live sound-reinforcement but also suitable for all other needs of audio-engineeering.

LAMA has source independet Transfer Measurements - simply connect your desk-output as reference signal and a microphone as measurement signal and you are ready to see frequency response and coherence - as it is source independent you can do this during your show, and see things like "what happend since soundcheck?" or "what is going on on the balcony obove me?" 

The Spectrum Analyzer and Spectral History (Spectragram) instrument are used to monitor the audio-spectrum of every signal you are interested in, and of course they have various types of display -like iso-octaves or continuous- to customize the view to your personal likings. 

Once calibrated, you can use the Sound Pressure Level Meter to show current SPL in different weightings and response times and also watch the LEQ and predict it. Sound Pressure Levels can also be logged and expoted into a CSV-file later for further processing in a spreadsheet-application. 

Release Notes for LAMA 1.34 Build 1122

This release requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. LAMA is fully functional with OS X 10.7 Lion.

Users with Lion 10.7.4 may have experienced problems with the code-signing certificate for LAMA Build 1021.

ЛАМА - Аудио Применение Измерения, которое говорит Вам, что Вы делаете и не, что сделать! Это - комплект инструментов инструментов аудио измерения, которые позволяют быструю & легкую установку, разработанную для живого нормального укрепления, но также и подходящую для всех других потребностей аудио-engineeering.

У ЛАМЫ есть источник independet, Измерения Передачи - просто соединяют Ваш произведенный столом как справочный сигнал и микрофон как сигнал измерения, и Вы готовы видеть частотную характеристику и последовательность - поскольку это - источник, независимый, Вы можете сделать это во время своего шоу и видеть вещи как "что happend начиная с саундчека?" или, "что идет на балконе obove на меня?" 

Спектр Анализатор и Спектральная История (Spectragram), инструмент используется, чтобы контролировать аудио спектр каждого сигнала, Вы интересуетесь, и конечно у них есть различные типы показа - как октавы ISO или непрерывный - чтобы настроить представление о Ваших личных симпатиях. 

После того, как калиброванный, Вы можете использовать Метр Уровня Звукового давления, чтобы показать текущий SPL в различном weightings и время отклика и также наблюдать LEQ и предсказать его. Уровни Звукового давления могут также быть зарегистрированы и expoted в CSV-файл позже для последующей обработки в применении крупноформатной таблицы. 

Информация о версии для ЛАМЫ 1.34 Строит 1122

Этот выпуск требует Операционной системы Mac OS X 10.6 снежных барсов. ЛАМА полностью функционален с OS X 10.7 Львов.

Пользователи со Львом 10.7.4, возможно, испытали проблемы с подписывающим кодекс свидетельством для ЛАМЫ, Строят 1021.






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