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P5 Audio - Night Of The Living Trap Vol 2 [WAV]

P5 Audio - Night Of The Living Trap Vol 2 [WAV] | 291.71 MB

Our Creation LIVES!!! Picking up where Night of the Living Trap vol 1 left off P5Audio is diabolically proud to bring your 10 more Dirty South Horror style Loop Sets with Night of the Living Trap vol. 2!! Featuring 10 spooked out Trap style construction loop sets inspired by Trap heavy weights such as Lex Lugar, Gucci Mane. Shawty, Drumma Boy, Lil Wayne and more! Sounds have been custom crafted by producer Sentury Status!

This product features:
10 royalty free construction loop sets, with all parts separated to give you endless mixing and matching freedom.

169 individual loops total.

Instrumentation such as haunting separated drum parts, horror fx, scary synth melodies, howels, dark keyboads, booming bass lines and more!

All key signatures and tempos provided.

All loops are royalty free. No extra license is required to use these for commercial production.



Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 455 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 12.11.2012

Prime Loops Planet Of The Orchestra WAV SCD-SUNiSO

Prime Loops Planet Of The Orchestra WAV SCD-SUNiSO
Team SUNiSO | 3 Nov 2011 | 119.29 MB
Links update: 19/12/2017
The Planet of the Orchestra has finally arrived… a culture-merging, genre defying master mix of state-of-the-art 24 Bit recordings, the likes of which have never been heard before.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 708 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 12.11.2012

Prime Loops - Da Sound Of Bounce [MULTiFORMAT]

Prime Loops - Da Sound Of Bounce [MULTiFORMAT]

Old Release | 735.60 MB

Every good producer likes to find new flavours, so tonight we're inventing "Da Sound Of Bounce", a devastating combination of street-style hip-hop vibes colliding with banging electro-house tunage, guaranteeing an adrenalin feast for non-stop clubbers from Miami to Berlin.

This mainroom-ready collection is presented as a fully comprehensive sample pack, boasting a massive selection of sidechained and gated synth loops and patches, filtered and gritty electro basslines, pounding drum loops, perfectly prepared one-shot percussion, 50 dramatic FX samples and of course 30 full-fat vocals in the call-and-chant style. Slam these elements together to give an instant energy boost to your projects, finding your own "Sound Of Bounce" from the infinite possibilities available.

Each and every file in this sample pack has been triple quality checked and clearly named by instrument, tempo and key. The loops range from 125-140BPM, with the hype level permanently set to maximum, so you can find out what it would sound like if Timbaland was locked in a studio with David Guetta.

You can download this kit in all the major loop formats, just drag and drop to get your sampler bouncing from bar one.

All of the available formats also include synth patches for Kontakt, EXS-24 and Halion. 

Grab a tranced-out Tiesto eurosynth pad, a bigtime Benny Benassi bassline, lay down a perfectly compressed kick on every beat and throw a supercharged vocal on it... you'll be ready to raise the roof higher than ever before.

Whatever sound you want, you need it to bounce, so quit wasting time and go straight to the source: "Da Sound of Bounce".


• EXS24
• Halion
• Kontakt

For more info:

Prime Loops - Da Sound Of Bounce Demo




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Prime Loops - Wonky Beats [WAV]

Prime Loops - Wonky Beats [WAV]

Old Release | 161.71 MB

'Wonky Beats' from Prime Loops breaks new ground with 120 utterly insane drum loops that weave in and out of shuffle, drop unexpectedly into slow motion, and generally turn the concept of the drum loop on its head! This unique pack is ideal for dubstep, glitch, grime, hip hop and way more.

'Wonky Beats' defies the norm with revolutionary chopped-up, morphed patterns, and revolutionary free-form organic beats, bursting with interesting (frankly disgusting!) originality, and utterly inspiring to any listener.

Gathering influences from hip hop, hyphy, chiptune, grime, dubstep, crunk, glitch and electro, and breaching on genres not yet invented!

With over 120 grimey, wonky, wobbling rhythms, this one's gonna' blow your mind. Not convinced? Check out the mp3 demo, or try it for yourself with our free demo loop pack.

About the Production:

This totally unique sample pack has been developed professionally – recorded in 24-Bit audio, and processed in true analogue fashion.

Firstly the drum hits used to create the loops were all made in-house on numerous synthesizers, such as the Roland Alpha Juno, Roland Juno-106, Roland MKS-10, Polyvox, Korg Mono/Poly Korg Poly-800 and many others.

These were then layered, tweaked, and morphasized, before being slammed against each other…the result? 'Wonky Beats'!


So if you're into Rustie, Prefuse73, Flying Lotus, Gorillaz, Cabbageboy, Starkey, or even if you're not! You're gonna love this one! No matter if you prefer it Street Bass or Aquacrunk, Choppage or Broken Beats – Prime Loops' brand new 'Wonky Beats' Sample Pack will totally satisfy your cravings for crazy-mad audio material!



For more info:

Prime Loops - Wonky Beats Demo




Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 700 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 12.11.2012

Prime Loops - Fidget Vs. Electro Grooves [Ableton Live]

Prime Loops - Fidget Vs. Electro Grooves [Ableton Live]

Old Release | 181.01 MB

Slicing its way through the dancefloor, Fidget House is an instantly addictive assault of relentless drums, razor-cut vocal stabs and rampaging basslines. Pitch all this against a floor-shaking dose of Electro infused Roland drums, 4x4 rhythms and twisted analogue synths, and you've got some seriously sharp combinations ready to jack up the vibe and energise the crowd long into the night!

All the loops in this sound suite are synced at 130BPM, enabling you to mix and match any part of any groove, slamming your ideas into each other without worrying about losing the beat. And of course, Fidget Vs. Electro comes in the most up to date flexible formats for complete tempo control, and with separated tracks you can cut, stretch and pitch any individual instruments or notes you want, so you're ready to create totally heavy and entirely original compositions from professionally produced source material, or add a fidgety electro flavour to your own originals in any genre. 

Hardhitting, bodyslamming tracks require unique, perfectly clean and expertly compressed samples, so this pack features only crystal clear quality-checked recordings of original synths, such as such as the Roland JV2080, Nord Lead, MoPho, Access Virus, Korg Prophecy, and high-end soft synths such as ReFX Vanguard and Rob Papen’ Predator and Albino. The entire pack was processed with Pro Tools TDM and a TL Audio Ivory valve compressor, giving you the most power possible to fuel your mashed up, glitched out mayhem. 

Author Scott Tonic will take you deep into the zone of mindbending percussion patterns and sideswiping synth loops, available for instant use in your sampler or sequencer. His work has been released at the highest level, on labels such as EMI, Warner and Ministry of Sound, and for heavyweight artists including Taio Cruz, Alesha Dixon, The Wideboys, P-Money and Donaeo. Now his expertise is in your hands, the gloves are off, and the battle of the grooves is about to begin!



For more info:

Prime Loops - Fidget Vs. Electro Grooves Demo




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Prime Loops - Dirty Electro Bass Loops [Ableton Live]

Prime Loops - Dirty Electro Bass Loops [Ableton Live]

Old Release | 103.04 MB

The "Dirty Electro Bass Loops" sample pack is the highly anticipated sequel to our best selling "Dirty Electro Synth Loops" sound suite, and the perfect compliment to the series. Take your productions deeper with these precision-made heavyweight recordings, ideal for filling out the lower frequencies of chart destroyers. 

All of these filthy twisted basslines are fully optimised to club standards, so you can concentrate on building a track that's guaranteed to destroy the competition. 

As with all Prime Loops releases "Dirty Electro Bass Loops" is completely Royalty-Free, so you don’t have to worry about sample clearance or licensing fees. You can mix these bass loops into your original productions, sell your tracks and keep 100% of your royalties. 

Producers of electro, breaks, tech, rave and hardcore will keep coming back for more of these instantly memorable and completely intoxicating vibrations.

So, if you go mental for saw WAVes, phasers, overdriven saturators, overheating lasers and audiences with their hands permanently in the air, then you've found the right sounds. Grab a slice of infectious deep end for your productions, and keep it hard, low and seriously dirty.



For more info:

Prime Loops - Dirty Electro Bass Loops Demo




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Prime Loops NYC Piano Sessions WAV

Prime Loops NYC Piano Sessions WAV
WAV | 457.09 MB
Links update: 09/01/2017
Prime Loops are proud to announce the arrival of one of their most inspiring sample suites to date: "NYC Piano Sessions" delivers over 600Mb of skillfully played grand & upright piano loops, each and every one truly inspired by the bustling streets of the city that never sleeps!

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 709 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 12.11.2012

Prime Loops - Orchestral Scores [WAV]

Prime Loops - Orchestral Scores [WAV]

Old Release | 503.76 MB

'Orchestral Scores' from Prime Loops offers a an extensive collection of 100 expertly processed and professionally recorded Symphonic Orchestra Loops for your music production. From film score & game music to pop & hip hop, this pack will make a great addition to your library.

For this stunning philharmonic loops collection Prime Loops has teamed up once again with the terrifyingly talented Jean Baptiste Lacaze, also known from Prime Loops' critically acclaimed sample pack releases such as Planet Of The Orchestra and Ambient Funk.

Inside this sample pack you will be exposed to over 500mb of royalty-free inspiration for your musical adventures. All of the 100 loops in this pack are clearly labeled with key and tempo for easy induction into your music productions or soundtrack projects. Just drag and drop these files into your Fruity Loops, Ableton, Logic and Garageband productions or any other piece of sequencing software - it couldn't be easier to use.

Inspired by Hollywood's greatest musical legends, 'Orchestral Scores' fuses vibes from the minor melodies of Danny Elfman, with the tear-jerking progressions of James Horner and the undisputed king of unforgettable film music, John Williams. With a production value that would impress even the most weathered studio engineer, these pieces are nothing less than cinema-ready.

Truly a testament to the diversity of the orchestra, 'Orchestral Scores' offers only the best orchestral compositions and arrangements for musicians and film-makers alike. Sweep through soaring melodies, paramount string ensembles and intricate piano progressions. Experience moody ambiences and hear the deep thump of epic percussions resonating into the distance.

These loops are ideal for use with film, animation and video games and especially suited for producers who want to avoid the expense of hiring a professional composer or arranger. This collection is also tremendously accessible to anyone who just loves to sample, chop, mash-up and rearrange.

Remember - all the samples, as with all Prime Loops packs, are 100% Royalty-Free; meaning they can be used in all your creations without having to worry about pricey licensing costs, and you will retain full ownership of your work. No matter if you are into Hip Hop, Pop, Dubstep or more kind of experimental things, all of the compositions in this pack will perfectly compliment your needs.


This is a sample pack to inspire - bringing together the intense and the ethereal, the uplifting and the sombre, the movie theatre with the music charts. 'Orchestral Scores' is an uplifting collection of finely crafted samples that your productions are just aching for!



For more info:

Prime Loops - Orchestral Scores Demo




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Prime Loops Dubstep Nation MULTiFORMAT

Prime Loops Dubstep Nation MULTiFORMAT
Links update: 14/01/2017
'Dubstep Nation' represents the ultimate Dubstep experience, with over 500 Royalty-Free samples including loops, one shots and multi format sampler patches. From crystal clear top end, to grimey low end, this astounding pack will give your productions the edge, with the authentic sounds of Dubstep.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 999 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 12.11.2012

Prime Loops - XXL Dirty South Drums [WAV]

Prime Loops - XXL Dirty South Drums [WAV]

Old Release | 20.43 MB

'Dirty South Drums' from Prime Loop's hottest new signing Nahuel Lescano delivers a deadly collection of the ultimate Dirty South drumkits, full tweaked to snap necks from the first bar to the last. Supplied in a range of soft sampler patches.

When you get your hands on these professional and crisp drums and cymbals, your tracks will be instantly transported to the highest levels of hiphop, elevating your reputation to primetime with the heaviest beats on the block.
A staggering array of kicks, snares, hats and FX are waiting for your individual touch, ready to force your audience to bounce harder than ever.
Here you are free to explore limitless combinations of rhythm and vibe, testing the strength of sound systems from New Orleans to Atlanta.
• 100+ Industry Kicks, Bass Booms & Snares
• 100+ Crisp, Sparkling Open/Closed Hi Hats, Shakers & Cymbals
• 30+ Punchy Claps perfect for different moods and styles
• 150+ New Toms, Percussions & Effects
XXL Dirty South Drums will keep you busy for hours in the studio, pushing your projects into playlists all over the place. Just drag and drop real quick to get your monitors pumping and your ass jumping.
Using a long chain of the dopest professional plugins on the market, each of these sounds has been crafted, compressed and triple checked by experts, guaranteeing you the supreme level of quality you need to climb the charts and invade cities street by street.

The best thing is there's no need to look out for lawyers: you get a completely Royalty-Free license to use these sounds for life.
If you're ready to expand your horizons beyond the tired old 808 drum machine territory, and you're ready to handle an increase in sexual attraction, you need to get this industry toolkit onto your hard drive as soon as possible.

Secure your destiny as a platinum-level performer alongside TI, Ludacris, Mystikal and Lil Jon... all you have to do is grab the future with both hands and lay down some XXL jams today.



For more info:

Prime Loops - XXL Dirty South Drums Demo


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PCDJ Red Mobile 2.2.5.patch-MPT

PCDJ Red Mobile 2.2.5 | 9 MB

TEAM MPT 10.11.2012

Built off of the latest PCDJ DEX 2 Technology, RED Mobile 2 (MAC or Windows) is simpler DJ software aimed directly at the needs of the Mobile DJ. Everything you want to make your job easier, with a clean and user friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. Use a DJ midi-controller or a simple keyboard and mouse, your choice!

PCDJ Red Mobile 2 for Windows or MAC is DJ software designed for pro DJ’s and Entertainers. Red Mobile 2.0 boasts a powerful library that allows you to Import, mix, and search all of your MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV files, MP3+G unprotected iTunes files quickly and easily. New in version 2 is karaoke show hosting, the ability to playback MP3+G karaoke files and display lyrics on an external monitor/TV. Complete with features such as fully automated auto-mix, one-click beat sync, a mix-now button for quick cross-fade and play, all packaged in a very easy-to-use interface; you have the perfect DJ solution to take on any gig in any environment. Less screen clutter and just the right feature set to make your job as easy as possible. Concentrate on your clients and not your DJ software!


You have a classic DJ setup with 2 decks, mixer and track library.
Manual or fully automatic mixing
One-click beat-sync and sync start
NEW! MP3+G karaoke file playback and lyrics output (zip and uncompressed)
Seamless intelligent looping and beat-skip
Automatic BPM detection (with beat-grid) with batch-calculation 
Midi-Learn for simple mapping of DJ midi-controllers and/or your Windows/MAC keyboard
Effects: Flanger, Echo, AutoPan, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, and Beat waw
Vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch, reverse play
Separate headphones output and song pre-listening
KeyLock (MasterTempo) with on/off selector
Perceptual automatic gain (volume control)
Record your mix to MP3, WAV or AIFF
ASIO/CoreAudio low-latency support
Browsing system with unlimited lists, disk explorer, database, and iTunes library import support
Load the whole song in RAM for instant access 
Library filters for Audio vs Karaoke files
5 CUE or hot-CUE points and gradual pitch bend
Multiple skins support (graphical interfaces) – create your own skins!
Red Mobile 2 reads mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg, cda, flac and more!(Non DRM)
Red Mobile 2 works cross-platform, so your purchase will work equally well on a Windows computer as it will on a MAC!

home page:

Category: WiN, Mac OSX | Reads: 631 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 11.11.2012

Shockwave - Shockwave OMG 005 [WAV]

Shockwave - Shockwave OMG 005 [WAV]

PiRAT | 22.10.2012 | 214.14 MB

'Shockwave OMG 005 is a great collection of seven amazing Construction Kits that will give you all you need to have your own club hit. This multi-genre pack is full of melodies, synths, basses, effects and loops, and includes WAV files. 

Everything you need to create House, Dance and Commercial hits is included in this pack.

Product Contents:

• 7 Construction Kits
• Basslines
• FX
• Leads
• Chords
• Plucks
• Loops



For more info:

Shockwave - Shockwave OMG 005 Demo


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Shockwave Shockwave OMG 006 WAV

Shockwave Shockwave OMG 006 WAV
WAV | 190.14 MB
Links update: 31/07/2018
'Shockwave OMG 006' is a great collection of five amazing Construction Kits that will give you all you need to have your own club hit. This multi-genre pack is full of melodies, synths, basses, effects and loops, and includes WAV files. 
Everything you need to create House, Dance and Commercial hits is included in this pack.
Product Contents:
• 5 Construction Kits
• Basslines
• FX
• Leads
• Chords
• Plucks
• Loops
For more info:

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 534 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 29.10.2012

Puremagnetik Circuit 30 for Kontakt-BSOUNDZ

Puremagnetik Circuit 30 for Kontakt-BSOUNDZ
Team BSOUNDZ | Date: 23/11/2007 | 236.70 MB
Links update: 06/11/2017
Circuit:30 is a unique collection sounds, derived from 100% analog Moog® sources. Employing a huge arsenal of patchable Moog® synthesizers, effects and control processors, Puremagnetik has meticulously captured the sound of these legendary "circuits". From intense filter modulations to the warm simplicity of a Minimoog oscillator, Circuit:30 offers a quick grab bag of sounds for all types of production styles. Customized for KONTAKT, Kontakt version contain extensively programmed integrated effects and dynamic controls for easy editing and tone sculpting.
Circuit:30 for Kontakt
• 30 multisampled Kontakt instruments 
• Custom KSP easy edit user interface panels
• Beat Machine looped phrases with integrated effects and automatic tempo sync
For more info:

Category: Kontakt, Elastik, ReFill | Reads: 672 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 29.10.2012

Electronisounds Prayer Bowl WAV

Electronisounds Prayer Bowl WAV 
WAV | 16.99 MB
Links update: 01/01/2019 
Don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to own your own set of prayer bowls? Electronisounds may just have the perfect solution for you...
Dig into this sample-pack recorded from 17 unique prayer bowls! Prayer Bowls (or Singing Bowls) were brought to Tibet from India along with the teachings of Lord Buddha. Most people use these bowls for Buddhist spiritual meditation or to create a great art or conversation piece.

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 680 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 15.09.2012

Strategic Audio - Return of The New [WAV/MIDI/FL]

Strategic Audio - Return of The New [WAV/MIDI/FL]

 313.76 MB

'Return Of The New' from Strategic Audio is an interesting new Hip Hop product which features five hard-knocking Construction Kits. This pack is inspired by current Hip Hop giants who are known for blending a traditional Hip Hop sound with sounds that represent the New School of Hip Hop. This includes artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Big K.R.I.T, and especially J. Cole.

The sounds can be incorporated into projects for artists whose styles vary from the straight-up New York Style, to the grit of the Midwest, the Heat of the Dirty South, as well as international flavours, such as the UK and even the Caribbean.

Featuring approximately 800 MB of big drum loops, melodic pianos, lush strings and pads, and beautiful guitars, this Kit is a must-have for any modern producer.

All sounds have been processed by the latest top-of-the-line Waves plug-ins for that album and radio-ready sound.

This product includes ACIDized WAVs at 24-Bit/44.1kHz quality, either as perfect loops or one-shot files, which allow the tails of reverbs and delays at the end.

Product Includes:

• All loop tempos and keys
• ACIDized WAVs
• MIDI Loops

FL Studio zipped loop packages are available for those who want to deconstruct and rebuild right inside FL! This is the sound sure to bring critical acclaim to your projects! 

For more info:

Strategic Audio - Return of The New Demo





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Voxengo GlissEQ v3.6 VST x86 x64 Incl.Keygen

Voxengo GlissEQ v3.6 VST x86 x64 Incl.Keygen | 8.05 MB

Voxengo GlissEQ is a dynamic parametric equalizer plug-in for professional audio and sound production applications.

Applications :
* Track equalizer
* Mastering equalizer
* Stereo, mid-side, 5.1 equalizer
* Dynamic equalizer
* Multiple cross-track spectrum analyzer
* Clean-sounding equalizer
* Smooth harmonic enhancer

Features :
* Filters with dynamic behavior
* Real-time spectrum analysis
* Real-time spectrum import/export
* Up to 32 parametric filter bands
* 16 filter types
* Harmonically-enhanced filter type
* Narrow-band sweeping
* EQ area highlight
* Static spectrums display
* User interface window resizing
* Stereo and multi-channel processing
* Internal channel routing
* Channel grouping
* Mid/side processing
* Up to 8x oversampling
* 64-bit floating point processing
* Preset manager
* Undo/redo history
* A/B comparisons
* Contextual hint messages
* All sample rates support
* Zero processing latency

What's new :
* Imported spectrum's color is now taken from the exporting instance.
* Fixed user interface freezing on Mac OS X 10.8.

Voxengo GlissEQ является динамическим параметрическим программным расширением уравнителя для профессиональных аудио и звуковых приложений производства.

* Уравнитель следа
* Освоение с уравнителем
* Стерео, середина стороны, 5.1 уравнителей
* Динамический уравнитель
* Многократный спектр поперечного следа анализатор
* Чисто звучащий уравнитель
* Пригладьте гармонический усилитель

* Фильтры с динамическим поведением
* Анализ спектра в реальном времени
* Импорт/экспорт спектра в реальном времени
* До 32 параметрических групп фильтра
* 16 типов фильтра
* Гармонично увеличенный тип фильтра
* Узкополосная уборка
* Основной момент области EQ
* Статический показ спектров
* Изменение размеров окна интерфейса User
* Стерео и многоканальная обработка
* Внутреннее направление канала
* Группировка канала
* Середина/сторона обработки
* До 8x сверхосуществление выборки
* 64-битная обработка с плавающей запятой
* Задайте менеджера
* Уничтожайте/делайте заново историю
* Сравнения A/B
* Контекстные сообщения намека
* Вся типовая поддержка показателей
* Время ожидания обработки ноля

Что является новым:
* Цвет импортированного спектра теперь взят от случая экспорта.
* Закрепленный пользовательский интерфейс, замораживающийся на Операционной системе Mac OS X 10.8.






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r-loops - Grind Or Die [WAV/AiFF]

r-loops - Grind Or Die [WAV/AiFF] | 448.61 MB

'Grind or Die' from R-loops is a collection of five Construction Kits. Inside you'll find 89 royalty-free, high quality multi-format loops.These awesome Construction Kits provide you with that Trap Swagg you are looking for.


'Victory' features over 1,00 GB of high quality Construction Kits in the 130 to 132 BPM range. Available formats include WAV 24-Bit & 16-Bit, ACID WAV and Apple Loops.

Included Kits:

1. Kit 1 (132 BPM)
2. Kit 2 (130 BPM)
3. Kit 3 (132 BPM)
4. Kit 4 (130 BPM)
5. Kit 5 (130 BPM)

Detailed Contents Kits:

• ACID Loops/WAV 24-Bit (89 files)
• Apple Loops (89 files)
• WAV 16-Bit (89 files)


• 1,02 GB in total (Unzipped)
• Loops in tempos from 130 to 132 BPM
• 89 key & tempo-labelled loops
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• 44.1 kHz/16-Bit
• PC/MAC Compatible
• Royalty-Free

'Размелите или Умрите' от R-петель, коллекция пяти Строительных Комплектов. Внутри Вы найдете 89 единожды оплачиваемых, высококачественных петель мультиформата. Эти удивительные Строительные Комплекты предоставляют Вам ту Ловушку Swagg, который Вы ищете.

home page:




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Samplephonics Future Sound Of Techno MULTiFORMAT-KRock

Samplephonics Future Sound Of Techno MULTiFORMAT-KRock
Team KRock | 15 August 2012 | 558.89 MB
Links update: 09/09/2016
'The Future Sound of Techno' has been over 2 years in the making, and takes us on a journey through Techno music, from it's early house music roots in Detroit, to the darker underground clubs of Berlin right to the minimal and progressive styles that have spread across the world today. 

Category: Sound Libraries | Reads: 1011 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 14.08.2012

Acoustica Mixcraft 6.0 Build 196 + serial

Acoustica Mixcraft 6.0 Build 196 + serial | 134.65 MB

Mixcraft 6 is a powerful music production and multi-track recording workstation that comes packed with thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effects and virtual instruments. Mixcraft enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with MIDI and virtual instruments, add effects, score and edit video, and mix and master your tracks to create polished, professional compositions. Mixcraft is your music production dream come true, instantly turning your computer into a fully-stocked professional recording studio.


-Record and create an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks.
-Arrange and score video files, adding transitions, visual effects, music, sound effects, and voice-overs with ease.
-Includes over 6000 professionally produced music loops and sound effects in a wide variety of popular styles, from dubstep to folk rock.
-Includes 11 virtual instruments, ranging from modelled vintage synthesizers to high-quality sampled acoustic instruments, and an inspiring collection of studio-quality acoustic and electric drums.
-Includes 22 high quality effects, ranging from studio standards such as reverb,chorus and delay, to ultra-realistic guitar amp simulators, vintage tube EQ, vocal reduction, multi-band compression, and more.
-Powerful, professional features include ReWire hosting, multi-take loop recording, time stretching and pitch shifting, support for unlimited hardware inputs and outputs, support for multi-channel VSTis, and much more.

Loop and Sound Effects:

Mixcraft includes over 6000 music loops, sound effects, and music beds that can be easily drag-and-dropped into your project. Combine drum, bass, and guitar loops with synth, organ, pianos, vocals, orchestral and percussion loops to create your own custom arrangement. Set the tempo and key of your choice, and the loops will automatically adjust. Mixcraft supports Acid™ and Garage Band™ loops, too, and you can import your entire loop collection into Mixcraft’s loop library for easy access to your favorite sounds.

Virtual Instruments and Effects:

Mixcraft is like having a dream studio full of vintage keyboards right at your fingertips. Packed inside are fantastic emulations of the MiniMoog™, Prophet 5™, Rhodes™ and Wurlitzer™ electric pianos, the Hammond B-3™ organ with Leslie™ rotating speaker, and classic transistor organs by Vox™ and Farfisa™. Also included are a huge library of carefully samples orchestral instruments, drums, synthesizers, pianos, organs, guitar, bass, and much more, all mapped to the General MIDI specifications. Plus, the new Acoustica Studio Drums collection lets you get your hands on a fresh set of acoustic and electronic drum sounds, professionally recorded in a world class studio.

Mixcraft 6 includes 25 high quality effects, including the Pultronic Tube EQ, which models the classic tube equalizer found in studios throughout the world, and the Shred Amp Simulator, a complete suite of 5 classic amp heads, 17 cabinet models, and 6 powerful effects.

Mixcraft 6 is fully compatible with DirectX and VST effects, as well as VSTi instruments, so you can expand your studio with an endless variety of amazing third-party effects and instruments.

Video Scoring and Editing:

Mixcraft 6 is not only a powerful audio workstation – it’s a fantastic tool for scoring and editing video. Load and edit video files and still images with ease. Easily cross-fade from one video clip to another, add transitions, and other video effects. Create slideshows from your photo collection. Add titles and scrolling text. Remix the audio, add a soundtrack, and effortlessly render your video project to popular formats for creating your own DVDs or uploading to YouTube™ and other popular internet video sites.

System Requirements

CPU: 1 GHz CPU, 2 GB Ram 
Windows® 7, Vista, and XP
Sound card, USB, or Firewire sound device
Mixcraft 6 can be used in multiple languages, including English, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, French, Spanish (Espanola), Dutch, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.


Installation Instructions:

1. Install Program.
2. Use given serial to register.
3. Done, Enjoy.

Mixcraft 6 является сильным музыкальным производством и многодорожечным автоматизированным рабочим местом записи, которое прибывает заполненное тысячами музыкальных петель и десятками аудио эффектов и действительных инструментов. Mixcraft позволяет Вам сделать запись аудио, устроить петли, сделать ремикс треков, сочинить с MIDI и действительными инструментами, добавить эффекты, выиграть и отредактировать видео и соединение и справиться с Вашими следами, чтобы создать полированные, профессиональные составы. Mixcraft - Ваша музыкальная производственная осуществленная мечта, немедленно превращая Ваш компьютер в полностью снабженную профессиональную студию звукозаписи.


- Сделайте запись и создайте неограниченное число следов MIDI и аудио.
- Устройте и выиграйте видео файлы, добавляя переходы, визуальные эффекты, музыку, звуковые эффекты и голоса за кадром с непринужденностью.
- Включает более чем 6000 профессионально произведенных музыкальных петель и звуковых эффектов в большом разнообразии популярных стилей, от дабстепа до фолк-рока.
- Включает 11 действительных инструментов, в пределах от смоделированных старинных синтезаторов к высококачественным выбранным акустическим инструментам и вдохновляющей коллекции качества студии акустические и электрические барабаны.
- Включает 22 высококачественных эффекта, в пределах от стандартов студии, таких как реверберация, хор и задержка, к ультрареалистическим тренажерам гитарного усилителя, старинному ламповому EQ, вокальному сокращению, многополосному сжатию, и больше.
- Сильные, профессиональные особенности включают оказание гостеприимства ReWire, мультиберут запись петли, время, простираясь и перемена подачи, поддержка неограниченных входов и выходов аппаратных средств, поддержка многоканального VSTis, и многое другое.

Петля и звуковые эффекты:

Mixcraft включает более чем 6000 музыкальных петель, звуковых эффектов и музыкальных кроватей, которые могут быть легко тянуть-и-заскакивать Ваш проект. Объедините барабан, бас, и петли гитары с синтезатором, органом, фортепьяно, вокалами, оркестровыми и петли удара, чтобы создать Вашу собственную договоренность. Установите темп и ключ Вашего выбора, и петли автоматически приспособятся. Mixcraft поддерживает Acid™ и Гараж петли Band™, также, и Вы можете импортировать свою всю коллекцию петли в библиотеку петли Микскрэфта для легкого доступа к Вашим любимым звукам.

Действительные инструменты и эффекты:

Mixcraft походит на наличие студии мечты, полной старинного клавишного права под рукой. Упакованный внутри фантастические эмуляции MiniMoog™, Пророк 5™, Rhodes™ и электрические фортепьяно Wurlitzer™, Хаммонд B-3™ орган со спикером вращения Leslie™ и классические органы транзистора Vox™ и Farfisa™. Также включенный огромная библиотека тщательно образцов оркестровые инструменты, барабаны, синтезаторы, фортепьяно, органы, гитара, бас, и намного больше, все нанесенные на карту к Общим техническим требованиям MIDI. Плюс, новая коллекция Барабанов Студии Acoustica позволяет Вам доставать новый набор акустических и электронных звуков барабана, профессионально зарегистрированных в мировой студии класса.

Mixcraft 6 включает 25 высококачественных эффектов, включая Ламповый EQ Pultronic, который моделирует классический ламповый уравнитель, найденный в студиях во всем мире, и Тренажере Усилителя Клочка, полном наборе 5 классических головок усилителя, 17 моделей кабинета, и 6



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