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Rigid Audio KONTAKT GUI Maker v1.0 [WiN-OSX] RETAiL

SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 16 2017 | 180.69 MB
Links update: 04/07/2019


KONTAKT GUI Maker lets you design interfaces for your KONTAKT instruments with a breeze. You only have to drag and drop pictures onto the working area, and "KGM" will update the template KONTAKT script automatically.


Forget typing dozens of "declare" definitions manually.

Simply let KONTAKT GUI Maker do it for you. It´s as simple as dragging an item from the library to your GUI area.


KONTAKT GUI Maker features all you need for precise creation and designing of your KONTAKT instrument´s user interface.

It features an adjustable grid, align-lines that show up when elements are centered and animation preview using the mouse wheel.


To get you started we have included over 60 PNG buttons, sliders and knobs.
There are also tables, menus and labels. The library content will be upgraded on a regular basis. All library items can be edited and modified easily.


KONTAKT GUI Maker features an adjustable movement lag to avoid sudden movement of interface elements. Furthermore, you can lock items as well. There is also a script history in case you changed something and want to revert back to that state or look what you have changed previously.


KONTAKT GUI Maker comes with a bundled and ready-to-use NKI instrument, designed for KONTAKT 5+ and to work seamlessly with KGM.

It features all the basic things to get you started. All you have to do is to import and map your own samples and you are good to go.


Learn working with “KGM” and why the KONTAKT GUI Maker is really an indispensable tool for everyone who is creating and developing instrument libraries for KONTAKT!


KONTAKT GUI Maker comes with currently over 500 “action” script files that can be assigned to onscreen controls with a simple mouse click. These control various functions of the bundled template NKI instrument like changing filter envelopes, adjusting the LFO, controlling the amount of effect sends and so on. These can be expanded easily.

Need a filter cutoff knob? Assign the script to your element and you´re done!


KONTAKT GUI Maker has a context-sensitive menu that displays all available options and properties for the selected control. Change automation names, mouse behaviour and values directly on screen with automatic script update.


KONTAKT GUI Maker features automatic menu creation. Just add properties to the text file and drag and drop it onto the editing area. You can apply custom colours, outlining and colour gradients as well. You can have an infinite number of menu elements.

Changelog :

* 1.0:
- added: Playback group enable/disable actions (located in library/actions/groups).
- added: Multisample mode enable/disable action (located in library/actions/miscellaneous).
- added: Text Edit UI Type.
- added: Level Meter UI Type.
- added: Waveform display UI Type with on-screen resizing.
- added: Group selection menu for UI items (all, single, range).
- added: Library scrollbar.
- added: Tooltip for library items displaying the full filename and assigned action.
- added: Scroll action script box entries using arrow keys or page up/down.
- added: Randomization feature for up to four different control layers.
- added: Image Menu Generation: IR (impulse response file) readout.
- added: Labelling of UI controls with automatic image generation from text.
- added: Text Label UI Type (editable on screen).
- added: Bake (render) label UI items into wallpaper background.
- added: Rudimentary bus mute and solo actions.
- added: English PDF manual.
- fixed: Text entries not being read out correctly.
- fixed: Fixed some item renaming errors.
- fixed: Pressing would open the action script box and crash KGM.
- fixed: Mouse Behaviour readout error when using negative values.
- changed: Improved launch speed.
- changed: Overworked and categorized library.
- changed: Library does now support folders (no sub-folders).

* 0.98:
- added: 100+ action script files.
- added: KONTAKT 4 template instrument.
- added: Main script: Added multisample mode option. (See project/resources/scripts/KGM_Script1.txt).
- fixed: Item renaming bugs.
- fixed: Min value now handling negative values.
- fixed: Def value now handling negative values.
- fixed: Max value now handling negative values.
- fixed: Text value "...." (Dot problem).
- fixed: Menu generation: "Gradient: no" was still generating a gradient.
- fixed: Menu library items not displaying filename.
- changed: Library: image files with less than 7 frames will preview in a slow tempo.
- changed: Custom PNG images for knobs not showing up: KONTAKT doesn´t allow custom graphics for knobs.

* 0.97:

- added: 60 royalty-free Impulse Response (IR) files (24 Bit) for your own instruments.
- added: 150+ action script files.
- added: Action selection box now reflects folder structure of "library\actions" (NOTE: Subfolders are NOT supported).
- added: New library type "Anim" for animation playback of images.
NOTE: See "library\pictures\kgm_anim_100_white.txt" for an example on how this works.
- fixed: Empty spaces being erased in automation name.
- fixed: Element Positioning bug (Rounding error).
- changed: Automatic image menu creation updated.
Now features 8 different fonts with 5 different sizes (1-5), colours, outlining and colour gradients.
NOTE: See "library\pictures\kgm_menu_layer_A_select.txt" for an example on how this works.
- changed: Drawing and minor CPU optimizations.

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