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Apple Logic Pro X v10.4.3

FANTASTiC | 07 December 2018 | 32 MB

Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that's designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it's needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music.

New in Logic Pro X 10.4.3

New Features / Enhancements
● MIDI data on the port-by-port basis.
Stability / Reliability
● Logic Pro no longer quits unexpectedly
● Sometimes when Exporting All Tracks as Audio.
● Sometimes when adjusting the left edge of a region.
● When it’s taken to the project notes area.
● Sometimes there is a page in the Score.
Sometimes while
● After using “Select Unused” in the Project window.
● After cutting a MIDI folder.
● Sometimes when you click the button, it will open.
● When you unlock the Undo History window open.
● When the "Unpack to New Track Alternatives" command is performed.
Logic Pro no longer hangs
● Sometimes when editing Articulation Sets.
● Sometimes after performing the “Copy MIDI Events” key command.
● Logic Pro no longer shows an “Illegal Regions” error when opening certain projects.
● The looped region is no longer rarely caused.
● Logic Pro is no longer a smart control.
● CPU performance is improved when running.
Smart Tempo
● The “Contribute to Analysis” option is selected.
● Clicking on the track of the Multitrack Set to be deleted.
● Changing the Adapt Mode in the Drummer Mode no longer sometimes leads to unexpected tempo changes.
● Region Flex & Follow settings are now available.
● Performing Undo immediately after the recording.
● Tempo events from recorded audio files are set.
● A progress bar for Normalize no longer sometimes appears after a multitrack recording.
is no need for any additional information.
● The Auto Save feature now recovers unsaved ARA edits.
● Articulations for each one are now sent.
● Articulation Key Switches
Controllers used as ● articulation switches no longer sometimes unexpectedly reset to 0.
Sound Library
● Impulse Response files for Chinese and Japanese traditional instruments are now correctly found when a GarageBand for iOS project is opened in Pro Logic.
● Logic Pro doesn’t sometimes show disk space.
● Flex Time mode.
● Trimming region no longer sometimes has been disabled in some rare rare cases.
● It is possible to trim flex borders of multiple selected regions.
● Dragged flex-pitched notes in Audio Track Editor now sound while being adjusted.
● Adjusting the knobs
● EXT instruments created by loading 32-bit float audio files.
● Changing a plug-in or instrument is no longer sometimes affected.
● Save as.
adjusts the display of the track-based automation in the Tracks area.
Track Stacks
Sum ming cks Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum
● Removing characters from Global Text objects.
● Chord grids with custom tunings now consistently display as expected.
● Knobs on Classic MIDI channel strips again send MIDI CC data while being adjusted.
● Option-cuts the stripes back to 0db.
● Sends to outputs 1-2 are no longer unexpectedly delayed when Low Latency Mode is enabled.
The Commands Key
● the Goto the Position of The key command is again the after Executed Pressing Return once recording.
Control Surfaces / MIDI Controllers
● Changing the Surface Setup window.
when ader when when when Cable Cable Cable Cable Cable
● The Piano Roll is no longer scrolls when receiving non-note data during recording.
● The view in the Piano Roll now reliably remains focused on the currently playing notes while recording using the Repeat Note button on the Touch Bar.
● It automatically strengthens the region to accommodate them.
● Selecting quantize values ​​by clicking the button.
Of General
● the Swing now! Just the Quantize works correctly for regions For RentAircraft Whose left borders do not fall on Precisely of grid positions.
● Using the Solo tool area no longer sometimes causes hanging notes.
● Editing the text in the Notepad.
● Solo Lock is now soloed when copying or moving.
● Pressing Enter after track Inspector now confirms the track text as expected.
● Regions on Summing Stacks now visibly move when dragged.
● Track stacks no longer appear to be muted after solo is engaged.
● It is possible to adjust the multi-output software instrument.
● “Cancel” now works as the “Cut section between locators” command.
● Inserting a tempo list, no longer cause toggle unexpectedly.
Optim ize
● Logic no longer hangs sometimes when opening the Musical Typing Keyboard window.

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